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Unbelievable. Oh, mighty three WIBC Indianapolis coming up. This new allegation against judge Cavanaugh goes back to his days at Yale. I think it's important to hear from both of them absolutely China accusing the United States of trade. Bullying tariffs have kicked in. Primary river. Aggressive and a two billion dollar construction project. I'm Eric pervent. The story coming up guys are really worried about last year because it was last year. This is the WIBC news at new Rosenstein might be out of a job showers off and on all day, a high of seventy three the rain last well into the night, a low of sixty nine higher chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. I'm John Herrick and I'm Kirk darling. Here's what's trending at twelve noon deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein has either resigned or been fired. That's according to axios, which reports Rosenstein verbally resigned and White House chief of staff John Kelly today, Rosenstein denied the New York Times report last week that said he planned to wear a wire in meetings with President Trump and even tried to invoke the twenty fifth amendment to force Trump out of office. He had been overseeing the Russia investigation by special counsel. Robert Muller the same investigation, Rosenstein, boss Jeff Sessions recused himself from last year. Coming up some fresh tariffs kick in today. I another woman has come forward accusing supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh of sexual misconduct. This incident. Deborah Ramirez says happened. Had a party during she and Kavanagh's days at Yale President Trump still sticking by his nominee. Taverners? With them over Seattle goes Pacific Senator Joe Donnelly says both Ramirez an Christine Blasi Ford should testify before Senate committee think it's important to hear from both of them. Absolutely. I'm trying to make the best decision. I can this is a lifetime appointment, and I think it's important we hear from both. That's why Donnelley's supports a delay in the confirmation process. The US and China are imposing another round of tariffs on each other today. Fox's Simon Owen China accusing the United States of trade bullying as the government in Beijing confirms tariffs have kicked in on sixty billion dollars worth of American inputs. They hours after the US impose tariffs on two hundred million dollars of Chinese goods. These are the largest numbers to date in a growing trade dispute, but the US now adding increased UT's to nearly half of Chinese imports. The Trump administration wants China to reduce its trade surplus with the US in London Simon. Folks. Most of the team came back last Friday, but a few hoosiers with Indiana's task force one are still in North Carolina, helping with the recovery from hurricane Florence Indianapolis. Fire battalion chief Tom Neal is one of them three of us from Indiana task force one that are part of the incident support team for us. Are that means they are there to help assist in the roommate with the remaining search and rescue teams in North Carolina. He says the flooding is only going to get worse. There's a real cute primary rivers had still yet to crest. And so and most of that water is moving towards Myrtle Beach. Gore area, South Carolina that is where FEMA is urging around eight thousand residents there to evacuate coming up. The remains of another missing Hoosier soldier from the Korean war have been identified. Chris Davis reports next on ninety three WIBC coming up on Tony cats today, the latest on the cavenaugh accusations and rod Rosenstein, did he just lose his job. That's all up in three minutes a soldier returns home after almost seventy years. Chris Davis reports long before the deal was made to return US military members who were missing in action and whose remains were held by North Korea. Army corP Marsh mesh limbs remains were returned. But for years. No one knew whose remains. They were Sunday. He was buried in Indianapolis home after nearly seventy years. It's just the fact that he'd been gone for so long that they had pretty much given up hope Sam Goldstein mesh limbs nephew. He was earlier this year with DNA he had been missing since December. First nineteen fifty Chris Davis ninety. Three WABC mobile news man was drunk and causing trouble in Montgomery County over the weekend police were called, and when they got there the man pointed a gun at the officers sheriff's deputies shot him. The right move says state police sergeant Kim Riley there's an aggressive. It's coming at either us and or third party or third person that their lives are being threatened. We can do whatever needs to be to stop the aggressor man survived the gunshot and is in the hospital. No one else was hurt. The state police are handling the investigation a two billion dollar construction project downtown as half way to the finish line. I'm Eric Burma another near northside twenty eight miles of tunnel. From Southport to Meridian Kessler will eliminate in these chronic sewer overflows citizens energy CEO. Jeffrey Harrison says there are on pace to finish in twenty twenty four year ahead of schedule. I ten miles up to just south of soil stadium are up and running another four miles of the Doug, but still need to have concrete liners on the near north side. Eric berman. Ninety-three WIBC mobile news DNA Pacers are gearing up for next season. After taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to game seven in the first round of the playoffs last year. Victor Oladipo says he has put the bitterness of that end of the season behind him. I don't think guys are really worried about last year because it was last year. We can't go back in time. Unfortunately, because if we could change just a few things, but it is what it is head coach Nate McMillan says all the depot invited every Pacers player to train with him in Miami. During the off season, the coaches, I wanted us to stay away from that. That was a moment in time for them. And I thought it was important that they handle that on their own training camp starts tomorrow the Pacers season opener against the Memphis grizzlies is October seventeenth. It's cloudy and sixty five downtown. I'm John Herrick. And I'm Kirk darling on the level on the go on Twitter, Ninety-three, WIBC and WIBC dot com. Live from the heartland and the crossroads of America. It's Tony cats today. Mike Tyson got a Broadway show. He raped a woman and got a Broadway show. I have said that line. On air many times. Never have I received such a strange reaction as I did yesterday on social media from people who. Well, not really thought about it. What it can mean? Some people asked. I shared my thoughts. Some people thought it was interesting. Some people disagreed some people liked it re tweeted it right away. And then some people. Active. If somehow I was saying. That. We should go easy on Brad Kavanagh. Because of Mike Tyson in their head invented some kind of comparison conversation. Well, there is a interesting story conversation that I think needs discussion Tony cats, so great to be with you. On facebook. Tony catch radio. Tony cats dot com. The phone number eight three three got Tony eight three three four six eight eight six six nine, and I said that I will tell the Mike Tyson story today, and I and I plan on doing it. And I'm doing it, you know, because well. Sometimes you needs to take a look at things in the way. They're not normally looked at. When we take a look at the allegations Brent against Brett Kavanagh that first one from Blasi Ford, which I've always said, I think she believes something happened. But based on how she described it. I don't think it's Cavanaugh, and you have three witnesses not including Brett Cavanaugh who I'll say. Yeah. I wasn't even there yet. Didn't that didn't happen, including Leland Kaiser, a woman who is a lifelong friend of Blasi Ford who said I've never even been at a at an event with Kavanagh with or without Dr Ford. I mean, that's that's damning against her. A Harare Gatien. Then there is the New Yorker which put out an allegation through a woman named Deborah Ramirez. Who claims that Brad Kavanagh exposed himself, except she didn't see it. She heard it through somebody else. Sobriquet allegedly pulling up his pants. Heard somebody else say that was Beckham. Now, therefore, she decided it was Brad Kavanagh. She went so far in the piece as to say that he may decide women's rights. And so that's why she spoke out. So this isn't about any type of sexual assault of any kind in any way. It's about politics. And she also admits that she had massive maps laps lapses, gaps in her memory, and that she was drunk and took a six days of trying to piece together a story in consultation with lawyers before she went forward, and she did not reach out to New Yorker New Yorker reached out to her. The New York Times says yes, we had heard this story we could not corroborate it. So we didn't run it. I say to you right now that the second story is bunk is nonsense that is made up Ronan Farrow allowed his name to be added on or he allowed himself to write this trash, and it is trash it is trash, but I wanna share the Mike Tyson story because I put it out on Twitter. And got some very interesting responses. Mike Tyson raped a woman. And got a Broadway show. That's what I put on Twitter. I said just reminder of what we're dealing with here and people. You know, some people ask good questions that I I don't know. What you what you what you're saying? Here. What I'm saying is is that. There's an unsubstantiated allegation against prac- capital. And we're saying he shouldn't be a supreme court Justice. Mike Tyson raped women and yet. Years later. He got a Broadway show. We are. We are in the business of forgiving and forgetting about rapists about rape were really are. Okay. With people who forgive rape. I wrote it someone asked me I said, they forgave raven the like whose they apologised entertainers a series of influential people who put up the money for a Broadway show. And then those who bought the tickets just as an example of they. When I take a look at the allegations against Cavanaugh. None of them are rape. Seventeen year old and a fifteen year old drunk groping. You can argue. Hey, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Don't be just grabbing on people. Many women will agree with me and many humans will agree with me. That's when we use the term rape. Got a connotation. It's got a connection, and it is not a crime of sex. It is a crime of violence. It is a crime of force. An I do not believe in role for rapists. I never have. I don't believe in that. There is any way to rehabilitate these people at all. At all. So I say again, Mike Tyson raped women and got a Broadway show. And people are like why what does this matter you making some kind of comparison, are you are you saying that somehow that you know? Taverna's a rapist to are. You saying that there's, you know, some kind of similarity, you know, Mike Tyson at least went to jail for what he did. Yeah. Because he raped a woman. Mike Tyson raped a woman, of course, he went to jail. You know, what happened after he got out of jail Hollywood and celebrity culture rehabilitated the rapist. And game Broadway show. You know, this guy's got a cartoon. So kids are are what watching the Mike Tyson. And that's okay. But Brad Kavanagh has an unsubstantiated allegation against him. Nothing close to which Mike Tyson did. And now he can't be supreme court Justice. Well, you know, he's going to be on the highest court in the in the in the land, and all that that that Mike Tyson did was just appear in a dopey Broadway show. No, no. This is what happens when people don't think. This is what happened when peop- happens when people have not put their brain to anything guys. They've never thought this through. This is culture. We're talking about you know, how my producer Ari thinks of Mike Tyson, not as a rapist, not as the heavyweight champion the world. Now, he's the guy from the hangover. He's the guy from that movie. You know, why he's the guy from that movie because Hollywood rehabilitated rapist and thought it was fine par for the course. Now, of course, it's par for the course, what are you? What else would you expect from a group of people who who are okay with Harvey Weinstein? They all knew they knew Harvey Weinstein was abusing women. They knew Harvey Weinstein was dragging women's hotel rooms, and they look the other way. So they could get a job Cureton gillibrand the Senator from New York worked that's Harvey Weinstein. She supports the enabler Hillary, Hillary Clinton, and she a ports the supports the accused rapist Bill Clinton when oughta Juanita broaddrick says the Bill Clinton raped her you've got Paula Jones and Jennifer flowers others with their stories of serious sexual misconduct against the former president, you know, where he's appearing front row at the Aretha Franklin concert next to Louis Farrakhan of all people. And is there any doubt amongst you me, or we that somehow this fall will see him on the view. This is what Hollywood culture does it really the most awful of people. That makes them okay. It makes them, okay? Yet breath Kavanagh's a rapist over an allegation that has multiple witnesses saying they weren't even at the party. They have decided that he can't be on the supreme court because of this allegation. By the way, his decisions as a DC court judge have been used in supreme court decision. So here's the question are those decisions now null and void. Why don't they why don't they answer? The question. Why don't they answer the question? They see Mike Tyson as a celebrity they see Cavanaugh as a rapist Tyson a celebrity even after he was convicted of grabbing a woman in Indianapolis hotel, forcing her in the sex against her will. They treat him as a celebrity even after he said he would womb shift. Former lasted governor Sarah Palin. And none of these elitist narrative wells like Jill brand or maisy. Geraldo ran to Sarah Palin aide. You know, it's sick. What sick? Is that if they saw Brett cabin on walking down the street with his daughters, they'd yell rapist if they saw Mike Tyson walking down the street they've asked for his autograph and let their daughters take pictures with him. I think it is imperative to note. That Mike Tyson raped a woman, and they gave him a Broadway show because it describes a gigantic problem in society. You want us America, you elitist you so called intellectuals? The Intel is what you are. You want us to worry about the rights of women? You want us to worry about how people are treated, your the people who are rehabilitating, rapists. And then when I noticed it you say, what's the big deal? Why are you talking about? What aboutism. Tony. Why did you bring that up? You know, what somebody asked me on Twitter? Are you sober? That's what they asked me. Talk about not being aware. They asked me if I'm sober yet. They don't see an issue with Tyson being made a celebrity again, this rapist, they don't see an issue with Brad Kavanagh being called the rapist by a Senator. I see an issue with it. This should confirm Brad Kavanagh today. I'm Dr.

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