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Welcome to the happy mama movement. Podcast i'm amy metallica. Baz monorail three or in creator of memorizing. This podcast is dedicated to conversations with the world's leading experts on how we can support and value motherhood differently and mama's themselves dedicated to changing their own definition of motherhood all three the lens of the world. Changing understanding all matrouh cents. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of the movement. Welcome back monness. When you think about the experience of becoming another it is a very out of body experience at times. You think you know what you're stepping into. You read the books prepared. You've done everything you can income to be ready. When it began. He can feel so different and we let our heads by the way with us. We let our minds back and forth. We worry about things it on there that there is nothing to worry about. This is such a common experience because the truth is very hard to embody such huge changes. This it's very hard to stay grounded when so much of what you thought you would be and do changes and this is the truth. Well beyond beth so much more than just that first experience of motherhood in today's podcast. I'm speaking with sophie. Birch the lower coach so he is based in k. And has incredible experience working with new parents pregnant women and new moms in her.

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