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Any of these card is an album from JD. The Magna Carta was written in a witch country. The Magna Carta was written in France know, they've been an option Italy England the United States or Canada. It was England wasn't then I would have. The year. Sixteen o six is in which century fifties. The fifteenth century fifteen th centuries all things you're supposed to know because you went to high school, and how many of these things have you even considered? I would you know. Think about the Magna Carta every other day, but probably every day, according to Catholicism does the immaculate conception conception referred to the conception of Jesus or Mary, Mary Jesus. Jesus Jesus Jesus Mary was conceived with immaculately with Jesus son of God. What are the world's three largest religions? This is also. If any of you were like, ooh. Buddhism catholicism. No christianity. Oh my God. Judaism. Now, this is. It's gotta be. But that's not does your choices were Buddhism Islam Hinduism. Islam Hinduism Christianity. Islam buddhism. Christianity tau ISM. Christianity tau is in Buddhism. It would have to be Islam Hinduism. Christianity, right. Yeah. So be. Let's see always mice. I took. I took Spanish in high school to do. Remember that Columbus is ships arrived in North America in fourteen ninety two arrived or sailed sailed the ocean. Fourteen ninety two Columbus, sailed the ocean blue. What did they do the whole thing? They arrived into thought he left in one thousand nine I think it does. That mean, they got there. It didn't take them a year to get across the Nina the pinta and the Santa Maria whereas Portugal located in.

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