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Of that song. My favorite That isn't one of my favorite movie scenes up, man. All time. Great drive coming in for the East County is a beautiful morning out here. Great, easy commute on the westbound side of the eight. A little bit of trouble is you get down towards hotel circle with a car that was sold out with right lane, but it didn't really cause much for slow down. 90 minutes early, reportedly north out of the Senate seat. A border checkpoint that's long But once they get north of the border, find the unified no problems at all. In fact, the bridge is clear. This trend is clear. Getting up to Coronado. Beautiful Drive Coming down the coastline 20 minutes now out of ocean side down into Del Marco goes next real time Traffic update eight minutes away. Seven o'clock right now it is 58 degrees downtown. We are seeing a little bit fog as you had a little bit further East. It's time for extra 13 60 from early Martinez a day off for the Padres on Monday, after 17 straight games of playing baseball, they'll be in Arizona tonight to open up a short two games. Syria's against the Diamondbacks. Chris Paddock will go up against Merrill Kelly, of course. People are still buzzing about the Syriza over the weekend in Los Angeles, where for now the top teach junior and the Padres took three of four against the top team in the NL West Man. It was a pretty fun weekend, you know is it was pretty good for myself for the team, and you know I'm the end of them. Just glad we took that seriously for the success of top he's had against the Dodgers named nationally co player of the week where he batted 3 85 with five home runs and seven runs batted in. He and the Padres find themselves third place Indiana West 2.5 back behind the Dodgers, who lost last night to Cincinnati last week there was concerned about his injured shoulder. How is that on the mend? I didn't want to put no excuses on.

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