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They like it jon. Gruden always likes the quarterback who's not his quarterback it feels like daniel jones in new york. Boy that one might be the best. One carson wentz in indy. I'm going to say yes. Jared goff in detroit. I'm going to say no. If daniel jones plays well then they then they got to resign him but if he plays average he gets the trubisky treatment. Yeah wow you could probably make a case to say. None of these quarterbacks are going to be with these teams long-term. It doesn't it. It takes a special quarterback to be with a team long-term now because it feels like everybody can be replaced mean alex smith was a pro bowler and i think they were twelve and four and they were like By the way drafted patrick. Mahomes josh rosen. You've got one year behind a bad offensive line. Let me see what you can do Sorry and so. We're gonna take break if you get a top five pick. Your first thing you're doing is. Do we replace our quarterback. Here i mean. Look at the falcons with matt ryan. We thought maybe they were going to take a quarterback there with instead they took kyle pits. I have not heard much about kyle pits. He had a play into preseason where he caught the ball in the flat and ran over like three mass three dudes. It's one of those moments okay. That's all i got okay. Remember that jeremy shockey play when a rookie ran like eight dudes. His career highlight was his rookie year. Preseason game against san francisco. I know packers and saints relocating to jacksonville. We'll talk about that. Also some deshaun watson news as well seventeen after the hour. We're just getting started dan. Dan dan patrick show. Draftkings is ready. Are you ready for draft kings because football is here no better place to get in on all the action than draft kings the official daily fantasy partner. The nfl as the season is approaching draft. Kings is your one stop shop. 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Instead of getting delivery for a change so i can feel safe and protected for myself and my students we each have our own reason for why we're getting vaccinated against cova nineteen what we are spe- visit get vaccine answers dot org for information on the cove nineteen vaccines. It's up to you brought to you by the ad council. This program brought to you by mercedes. Benz vans they go far beyond their customization options. Cutting edge tech five star sales service financial support crew mercedes benz vans builds equipped an engineer to be ready for anything. Go the extra mile taken the all important for step into an authorized dealership today. Polly says he might have an interesting poll question. This is a college football related. Paul specifically to college football if you could only attend one. The game the tailgate. So you're gonna whatever college football game. You got scheduled this weekend. Yuki the tailgate all day. And then you have to split and watch it at a bar home wherever or you miss the tailgate. Show up kickoff and you just get to go to the game. I would say the game. Because just about anything i can do with the tailgate and i can probably do when i go to the game. It's hard to eat well and drink well inside a college football you now. A lotta beer legal beer sales in cultural. How many places serve beer in college. Football not a lot. If it's a campus field or at least it used to be a rule. If it's a campsfield yes. I think he got gotta go. Tailgate thought a football around. You're hanging out next the rv's and all these fancy colors and logos and you're barbecuing you can kind of stretch out. They have a little tv or radio at a kind of what's going on with the game while you're picking out on your favorite foods. I i know there's a lot of people who agree with you. I just if i'm going to the game. I'm going to the game if you said okay. Ohio state michigan great tailgate. And then you're gonna stay on side. What about ohio western michigan. I'm going to tweak it a little bit so it's not a couple of twenty five. I'll bob cats against western michigan broncos. We went to a harvard yale. Game and i said let's go. Let's go inside ready for kickoff and nobody wanted to go inside. Hey you were on an island. And i went inside and i realized i was just about on an island. Nobody was in there. And i go. It's yale and harvard a battle everybody was outside. You know when they're plaid blankets and their vast and tweed tweed jackets..

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