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News. I'm Corbett Coleman, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Sound Foran interview Tuesday with the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Biden says if elected, he would not reverse President Trump's tariffs on China. He says it will take a multi layered approach to get China to change its behavior. Stocks opened higher this morning. Despite worrisome signs about the U. S. Job market. NPR Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones industrials Roves about 200 points in early trading. A rebound in the labor market that began in May appears to be losing steam, the payroll processing company, ADP said. This morning, private employers added just 167,000 jobs last month, far fewer than forecasters were expecting. That could be a warning sign. The government's official jobs report out on Friday, may disappoint. US lost more than 22 million jobs in March and April and regained on Ly about 1/3 as many jobs in May and June. Timecard trackers Kronos in Homebase suggest Job growth slowed sharply in July as the number of new Corona virus infections took off. Stalling job market would spell trouble in an economy where unemployment still tops 11%. Scott Horsley NPR NEWS Washington A gigantic explosion in Beirut Tuesday has left many people homeless in the port city. The BBC Sebastian Usher says at least 100 people were killed in the blast and about 4000 were injured. Those Lebanese who managed to get to sleep last night in Beirut, woke to a scene described in the local media as apocalyptic. The epicenter of the blast in the port shows buildings flattened with just the bare cliff face of a large structures still standing by the sea. The financial damage to a country already in economic collapse is being measured. In billions of dollars on with grief. A cold rage is also rising among many Lebanese against their seemingly eternal cast of political leaders with renewed demands for them to be swept aside the BBC Sebastian Usher. Republicans are calling former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to Capitol Hill this hour. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports they will ask Yates about investigations of some of President Trump's allies. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham plans to focus on three main areas of questioning Why Sally Yates signed off on surveillance warrants for former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The Justice Department's probe a former Trump National security advisor Michael Flynn, in an Obama White House meeting about the Flynn investigation. The Republican led hearing is part of a broader effort to scrutinize actions by the Obama administration before and after the last presidential election. Democrats in Congress or give the hearings a waste of time. Instead, they saying lawmakers should focus on threats to the 2020 election by Russia, China and other foreign adversaries. Carrie Johnson NPR NEWS Washington On Wall Street, The Dow Jones industrials are up 246 points. You're listening to NPR news from the David Burnett Foundation newsroom a K C. R w I'm Cherry Glaser come to Mayor Asia Brown, another city officials are calling on California Attorney General Javier Becerra and the U. S. Justice Department. To investigate allegations of a deputy gang at the L. A county sheriff's station in Compton. Ah claim fall against Lake County alleges that a clique called the Executioner's said illegal arrest quotas sport matching tattoos of Nazi imagery and retaliated against a deputy after he reported an alleged gang member for assaulting a colleague. Here's Mayor Brown, speaking at a news conference yesterday. They terrorized the community and in the cover the phrase it is unacceptable that take this Attorney General Javier Santa to stand up for the black and brown people, something it is unacceptable for us to be terrorized in this community. Members of the community shared stories about their personal experiences with law enforcement. Restaurant owner Jemele Henderson says he was recently pulled over handcuffed and placed in a squad car by Deputy without cause. You.

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