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Yeah you know he always had a bit of consciousness he always had a message and i didn't ever saw dan flow trying to trying to be there with yet what you don't think you haven't so much okay back so i think david banner is a national treasure along with the honorable minister louis farrakhan i don't be believing give minister farrakhan grief saying that he says antisemitic things and stuff like that i'm not willing to throw is a lot of folks i'm really in the throw away for a moment of indiscretion but minister farrakhan's body of work and even working with people of jewish descent despite some of his views kind of speaks for itself i'm not here to defend minutes the farrakhan i have a lot of love for him though i haven't necessarily agree with ever days right right right but i it meyer his disciplined right his discipline and dedication i mean you can't beat the and then you gotta and the reason i chose barack obama is simply because i mean to have to deal with everything he's had to do with didn't agree with everything you do i was people actually thought i hate a barack obama and i was like no i don't hate prison obama is just that i think that we should hold them accountable i don't think we'll ever be able to have an honest conversation about president obama's legacy and time in office i don't think we'll ever be able to have that on this conversation but i do appreciate what he did in the accomplishments that he made so that's why a lot to go through a whole lot a whole lot i think those three are national treasures but the next person we're gonna talk about i also think is a national treasure who needs to be protected at all costs isa ray.

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