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Ask for jason batter or any of the team or visit them on the web at a o s a b q dot com he's a son of a you know what will play his disturbing audio at one o'clock today on the pat i show on newsradio k k o b okay back to the phones now walkerton indiana you're steve great to have you with us sir june five fifty dill's rush g five fifty dinners thank you very much honor and a pleasure to speak with you sir something that is probably for quite a while has been the fact that if the pi how spy within the trump campaign wouldn't you think they would already have evidence of collusion or russian involvement let me see if i understand what you're saying okay so a year and a half ago we've got the steele dossier which they know that hillary clinton they they know it's bogus but they're operating as though it's actual intel and so they get the stories for a year and a half that intel sources say that the russian government was attempting to influence the outcome of the election and there may have been some involvement with donald trump and the russians and blah blah blah blah blah and so then we come to the point in time the fbi inserts the spy in the campaign and if that's if they've got a spy in their if they've got eyeballs watching this campaign that why the hell do they need to investigate anything because they're slugging it as it's happening right exactly and this spy by the way was in the campaign the campaign is way before trump gets elected they had a spy in that campaign his point is they had a spina campaign at the same time even before they begin the muller investigation that's actually it's a it's a good question why would you need a special counsel look into all this stuff if they've had a spy in there since april of two thousand sixteen so what how would you answer it what say somebody had asked you that question and you think oh yeah that makes sense what would your answer be well what i the only thing that i can come up to this is all part of the agenda to destroy the trump presidency and donald trump to distracting derail the.

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