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That vaccine they've been going down steadily since May yeah it's very scary time it is and. But are more and more parents speaking out about vaccine injury than a few years ago. Yes. Absolutely. So I think and I think that's a great concern and you can read about that in USA Today and you can read about it. You know the World Health Organization has called vaccine hesitancy is one of the top ten global health threats I think because more and more parents are speaking out and are saying I wanted to be my choice not the government's choice about what health interventions there are for my child. I think that really concerns the powers that want to see you know widespread compulsory vaccination. Gosh there's so many questions I want to ask you. Let's let's switch back to the lawsuits. Let me Let. Let's talk about what's going on in New York City with the measles vaccine mandate from two thousand dollars from last year. So you'll remember that before cova panic, there was measles panic and that was what allowed the New York state legislature to repeal the religious exemption. But before that happened in March of Twenty Nineteen in the Orthodox community in the Jewish community, there were particularly a number of people who had. Religious exemptions they didn't vaccinate and even though they had lawful religious exemptions The New York City help. He said we don't care if you have a religious exemption, we're going to find you and we're going to characterize you the public nuisance if you don't have a measles vaccine and so we push back against that and we lost that case at the trial court level. But that case is on appeal and I personally consider that to be a very important case particularly in the Cova context because we cannot have the. Law Characterizing somebody who's unvaccinated as a nuisance simply because they have made the choice I'm going to protect my body. Naturally. I'm not going to take toxic vaccine the only way to protect against this disease Well, I think still on appeal but we compare that you know many of these ones the measles vaccine, the flu mandates they're very important because they are the building blocks for what are going to be serious to mandate the Cova vaccines in the workplace in at the state level and at the school level. Wow. Oh, we could talk about this for hours. We really could. There's so much to talk about, but we've got to go to break but I hope you'll come back soon. It's always an honor and a pleasure to have you on the show. Mary you thank you so much. It's my pleasure. Bye Bye I write everyone and You can help children's health defense out by going there visiting their website. Let's Children's health defense. Dot Org will be right back with Jason Harris. Stay tuned everyone you're listening to one.

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