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Are starting lineups been together thirty at thirteen our she's me eighteen times or thirteen and five that staff their seven one without dream on their six now without durant the foreign one it doesn't matter it doesn't seem to matter who's inwho's out they just keep winning it's kind of like a joke it is this guy out up we still won they could come what else four starters in like win regularly like seriously if they just went on to the all star break what would a wrecker be like you're probably these three games between now and also break went out four starters like it's kind of crazy uh that they could he do this and part of it is like this goes to show you too when you have a good system and you have players playing heart you're probably going to win more than loose i remember somebody telling me that about san antonio's like they play hard and they have a system you can put them down for fifty just because they're in the nba season like not everybody plays that hard all the time and not everybody has a good enough system friday night but we gotta system and you play hard and fortunately for the warriors they they lose and starters so they go these backup guys who got to play hard like arm recast he's gonna play our door built gonna play are like have on you're gonna play are they got players who play hard and they know their system so you could pence who in the game but they leave gonna be close and then you've got kevin there at right and he got klay thompson so it's kinda like wow i mean they're so good i don't even need half the team still coulda weird like it's out of a jokes what are your yeah it's like let's though it's almost like a game within a game michaels pulled this guy open yeah we got bigger elect like it's like when you play like you know like time when you're playing your your kid miller are only gonna shoot from thirty feet just because otherwise post you up you have no chance that's the warriors like we've to go down four do just to see if you could really beat up lakers they they should play with their left hands in dad quarters ersan thirdquarter left hand secondquarter horta raihan uh.

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