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Meanwhile, Jason, he was just trying to keep his head down duck in numerous efforts by the DA to testify against Damian prosecution approached him before the trial and said, look, we'll give you forty years. If you. Testify against me right now, Jason? No, because it's a lie and it's not the right thing to do. Then during the trial, they approached him again saying they'd give them a deal that would have mountain ten years, which is why they paired their trials together. Again, all of this was about getting Damien Echols named put them together to put heat on Jason to say, see, now you're being treated like satanists to all of the evidence. Mused on Damian can be used on YouTube because you're it is both of your trial. So you pop yourself out of it with a fun little side quest trial by flipping on Damian, but he's Jason's like the most impregnable of all of them. Yeah. I mean, his integrity is I don't know if I would have it. Well, this is not notice time. He saves the day either. Sure we'll get into that really isn't. But Jason, his lawyers, they tried to get him to take it. But to this Jason, I mean, he said he couldn't do it even if they said they let them go right that second. He said, it's a lie. Why it's not right. I can't do it right, and it wasn't just the Jason thought longs wrong. He also thought that there was no way he was going to get convicted in the biggest irony of the case Jason thaw that there was no way that his God would let something like this happen, right? So contrary to what you might think the prosecution didn't start the trial with the cult angle. Instead they built up to it by emphasizing as much as possible. Just how brutal these murders really were in excruciating detail. And here finally is where we can properly address the assistant medical examiner in charge of this case. Dr Frank Peretti. This guy regretted Peretti is worse. Of these group clowns. Right, definitely got nickname spaghetti. Peretti a lot of things that go with Peretti so he probably had some problems in middle school. See, the first thing to know about this is how the position of medical examiner relates to the court in Arkansas. Seeing the vast majority of the country. The medical examiner is an independent, impartial body, but in Arkansas, and this is one of the last states in the union where this is true. The medical examiner's office is an arm of the prosecution, meaning that someone who is supposed to be totally objective actually works for the department who sold job is to put people away. It's like lady Justice in Arkansas is doing yoga bends to one side stretch out. It's very interesting because I could see why a person that you want Justice to be brought right. All of us believe in the idea that we want the Justice department Justice system. The all that's supposed to make sure that things are fair, and that those that have done crimes, get prosecuted for them and are put in jail. But if everything on in this, your court system is built on just putting people in jail. People deserve a defense, see whatever you want about defense attorneys, I tell you what with whatever whenever I go down for whatever it is that the government pins on me too. I. I. Not a doubt. Actually, it's very easy. Crystal. We'll see what they said. What my money says in the Caymans they're having a wonderful time Margaritas on the beach. I, it's part of, I hope I have somebody fighting for me of coordinator, what the forgets capping. No defense attorneys have saved a lot of lives. There's a lot of people who are innocent on death row the estimate right now, it's anywhere from one percent to one point, five to two percent, and that's a conservative estimate. And if that is the case in prison, if just one percent of people are innocent, that's two hundred thousand people. That's how money and we'll see how the power of money and helping them once they were in jail, but watching the staircase again. And you see the kind of money that dude can just pour out for his defense..

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