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Invest your time in an organization, or if you've got some spare shrapnel and those Bach, it's to spend some cash hard-earned cash and helping a foundation that really does make a significant difference in the lives of others really want you to check out something called. We defy Allen's involved in that. And I'm going to have him. Explain it because he can do it much better than I can what exactly goes on there. And a vast him to think about sharing some some fish stories, which are the ones that I've heard from him are so powerful you you won't be able to forget them and you'll never be able to take time out. Spend extra couple minutes sitting on the sidelines because I'm telling you you're going to be fired up motivated when you hear about some of these guys. These wounded veterans that Allen works with in. We defy men. Those guys are bad asses. Okay. Civil covering a lot of ground really really jam packed today. We're gonna be talking tons of black belt bad assery with Alan. Although he'll I hasten to add he'll be mad at me for saying. He's a bad ass. We'll probably dig into that later too. Because like all of our other guests. The most remarkable words that we've gone this nation tend to be the most humble, so it's my job to have your back and try to price some stuff out of them because otherwise they'll just sit there, and they're definitely never gonna be bragging on themselves. So you know, that's my role to brag on them on that note. Just quickly a head on over to our Instagram and our Facebook our Twitter to stay hooked up on Allen's news and news about all other guests, that's touch talk. HQ? That's Tatchell talk each. Hugh, you had over to our website. If you're looking for our sponsors, and our spores either companies that genuinely supporter forces and genuinely give a s h Asterix t about our wounded warriors out there and genuinely care about the military families. These are committed just like we are to building this bridge giving you guys a platform by you guys. I'm referring to you who are listening a platform to just directly connect with folks out there and vice versa for you guys to directly hear from them. Unfiltered, just raw it's genuinely like pulling a barstool with them. I should know because most of them I've spent way too much on barstools in next two. So. So can I can tell you I can testify you're getting some real straight talk. It's just real ground truth from these guys, and it's such a special opportunity, isn't it to hang out with our nation's brave is so I know I appreciate it. It's always a privilege for me. Whether drunk or sober. I'm server today. So I hope you guys really enjoy hanging out with Al too because he's a hero of mine. And I'll bet you by the end of this episode. He's going to be here. Yours too. Okay. Without further ado, let's hang out with Alan again in part to..

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