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George Steinbrenner and he seems to have kind of consolidated his power. So between that and I mean, you know, Billy bean with as could Billy beedon. He's not the GM technically, but could he get fired? Could Brian sapient get fired? I mean, these guys have been in their roles for decades and I think it might take not even a scandal because Cashman's had a kindle to read. He's been in the tabloids for various stories and hasn't seem to affect his job security. I think it might just take an ownership change for these guys to. To get displaced at this point. I agree with that. I don't know. Brank Catherine will not be the Antes GM more operate in that role for the rest of his life probably, but he could also do it for literally the rest of his life. Yeah, if he wanted to, it seems like he could, and I think that the realized that even if they were to somehow miss the playoffs this year, have it be a disappointing season in the end? Clearly they have built a foundation here that really hasn't been seen in this Orgainzation since the the one that set up the dynasty a couple decades ago. So I think that he has done good work, and regardless of the outcome of the season, that work is recognized speaking of which I recommend, and we'll link to the article that Mark career wrote for the athletic this week about how the Yankees have changed. Their club has culture. They've made it much more rookie friendly. They've done away with the hazing and the hierarchy. Some veterans like c. spat thea have made a point of putting the young players on equal footing with. Them some credit goes to Cashman to and Aaron Boone and other older players really good story and something that in this youth-oriented era, baseball other teams should emulate and that Mike Mathie would hate. All right. Questioned from patriot supporters. Sean cusak. It's no secret. Rental players have been bringing back less value in recent years due to how most teams view them. What if teams traded a rental player but was sent back in return was decided based on how the team performed the rest of the season, the Abass package that the selling team gets no matter what, but the package gets a little better as the team progresses in the season. You could have base package plus one. If the buying team makes the playoffs base package plus two, if they win the pennant and base package plus three, if they.

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