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Everything. And I'm glad he did because hey, stayed on me for about almost a year and I was busy with Indiana. It is 10 53 traffic and weather together. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. How's it going, Kevin? Well, you know, not so well here on the expressway. Both directions were watching Problems. Expressway do earthbound slowdown strewn upon sit up to a left lane crashed just after the Dorchester Yacht Club State of the right to get around. And once you do, you're looking good up to the O'Neill Tunnel. South bound expressways jammed up South Bay down through the north bound crashes, Savin hill and then slow again approaching the left lane breakdown. Here it granted. Avenue Route three South bound. You're hung up into that Derby street lane dropped 24 95 not too bad. Looking pretty good out on the mass pike between Boston and all burn but downtown Worcester to 90 westbound You're jammed here Solid from Route nine. All the way down to what crashing the breakdown lane after Kelly Square Root 1 90 South bound, reduced feeds through the the ongoing of roadwork, hereby exit for eight West Boylston and over in behavioral. It's 4 95 South bound slowdowns through that right lane closure between route 97 Ward Hill. This report sponsored by the Ben Ferguson podcast. If you're sick and tired of the government being involved in every part of your life, telling him what you can and cannot do with all these restrictions, then you need to download the Ben Ferguson podcast. You'll love it. The Ben Ferguson podcast downloaded now. Kevin Brennan. WBZ is traffic on the threes. And now the four day WBZ occupy the four counts with AccuWeather meteorologist Dean before rain on the way, Yeah, for the weekend, and especially, the start of it may be some showers. Two left over.

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