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Any gender any nationality human trafficking knows no boundaries I am a victim if you see me please tell me human trafficking resource center if you suspect someone may be a victim of human trafficking your call will remain anonymous this is an el county attorney Linda Voyles this public service announcements brought to you now can he turn his office rescue restore program with us today for the fortune financial our where your retirement dreams began I'm mark Elliott and I am here with of course the president and founder of fortune financial planning Stephanie Fullerton Stephanie started the company back in two thousand and four with a bomb we had our mom on the program without a mother long course husband Steve a part of the team at four ten financial Stevie junior a part of the team so I think you know one of the things we we certainly talked a lot about the challenges that people face when you get into retirement you know market volatility that Stephanie was just talking about you know depends on when you retire if you're gonna be okay because a sequence a return address he retired in the nineties grated retired in the first decade of the two thousand not so good of all your money is in Wall Street so really one of the keys is where is your money right I mean I think if you because all financial advisers not the same certainly there are I don't know how many financial advisers are in the Phoenix Scottsdale area right there's a lot be my guest tons because that's where people love to go to retire my buddy he's now at Casagrande running the parks I mean he's got a great gig so I I think it's an interesting thing when we're talking about retirement and there's so many different advisors that do that say they do that is kinda like your broker you were talking about Hey don't worry about it it's going to be okay just take food off pull four percent of your money out we're gonna be fine don't worry about you need money just call me and I'll send it to you that is not exactly a plan that force of financial comes through SO when it comes to our money and our investing do we change how we look at our investments from our thirties and forties to our fifties and sixties absolutely so I remember mark when my son junior we just mention and we column Stevie but now we call in junior I'm when he graduated from Grand Canyon university so this is not in the Grand Canyon now is not only a Grand Canyon of its goal Lopes for those Lopes out there you know what I'm talking about great basketball team and I remember my son Dan Marley coach yes he does awesome job he still is yeah he's still there my daughter used to cheer they're all my kids have graduated from Grand Canyon and so I remember CV coming into our office and he was about a week out from graduation and you know mark I knew it was pretty serious when he scheduled the appointment he showed up he actually did not flip flops ani at tennis shoes on any had long pants on a new Haiti he's here to talk business and the great thing about my son Stevie is that he always knew how to save a penny like every allowance he would get every birthday gift he would get he would even like take Christmas presents back just to get the cash and through college she worked hard he got great scholarships but he also had a job job at Dutch frozen you would make great taps so I remember him coming into his mom and dad and sitting down with us and say Hey I want to hire you guys I want you to invest my money I think I'd be I can become a millionaire on Wall Street and so I just kept a real serious face because I could tell he was very serious about it so his dad and I started talking to him about you know Hey let's open your account we manage money are because students fidelity buying stocks and bonds and mutual funds and whatever for our clients and it we said to him eight in of junior your twenty four twenty five at the time you can assume risk like let's go all out let's go harden let's charge it and you got a lot of time between now in retirement you've got time to see the markets go up and go down and I remember you know hadn't read the advisory contract and he was actually put out mark when he got to the point of where we charge fees charger son he said yeah I know that's what he said he goes you're really going to charge me for this and were light welcome to the doll thing it's the big world you know and you know we're not that mean we discounted them a little bit but you know my guys get ready go out to my next appointment get ready go in the conference I got up and went to the back of my Senate had him on the shoulder as a lesson by do me a favor don't open your statement are go on your phone and check that little app our goal online don't don't check your account and tell your forty and he looked at me and I didn't blink I just walked on out now I didn't mean that but mark tell me why did I say that to my son because he's not gonna do anything he did he's he's okay because young enough that it can go up go down if you have a market crash it's great to get to buy a whole bunch of things on sale don't panic it because it's going up and down right and what don't I want him to do if the markets go down I don't want him to become emotional I don't know I got to get out yeah to buy low sell high he's in a position to disallow to ride take advantage I don't want him to make emotional decisions more people make the worst decisions becoming emotional just like when I was sitting down with Phil one of the things that we do when people come in for for free consultations is that we will run a risk assessment for them we will take a look at what they currently have how is it where is it because most people that walk in to our office ninety plus percent of their assets marker in the market and they're concerned do I have enough will last as long as I do and if you have it all in the market there's some challenges there right well I'd here is there a here's their other concern me in the markets have a really corrected what if we hit another two thousand eight two thousand seven and here is the incredible benefit that you get by you taking control you can sit down with someone like myself and my team at Fullerton financial and we can help position you to go into retirement with confidence knowing that you're going to have an income in retirement mark again the biggest concern that we see coming through our doors is due I have enough money to retire am I on target will I be able to go into retirement and be able to maintain the lifestyle to be able to do some of the things that I want to do whether it's traveling are golfing whatever that hobby is that you are able to do so that is why we want you today to.

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