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I w-. I'd love to see a journalist go out there and do some research and start to realize could be Noma commando of UFC two. Oh, nine I almost died to be said while working was Eero, integrity, George and could be was pulled from that card. Mike. I thought I was going to die where he missed weight for UFC two twenty six by one pound and a half while working was Eero integrity, George you have to twenty three max Holloway hospitalized and pulled from the card for a world title fight. You have to twenty-six max Holloway once again hospitalized and pulled from the card for another UFC world, title fight and don't get bored. Because I have a few more page man's Zandt. You have FOX to twenty two or FOX twenty two please do not let me die. She's duct tape inside a bathroom passed out on the floor being put in an out of boiling hot water. These are her words people. These are their words, this is all on the internet. Right now for you all to read, this is not my opinion. It's odd that the media never picked up on this. You have to twenty-five you'll Romero MRs wait for the world title fight again, while working with zero integrity George now. I ask you, what do you think? Dana white and Ari Emanuel thing when zero integrity George shows up with an athlete. Oh. There goes our main event there goes a seven figure eight figure PR campaign. There goes are paper view revenues. How many main events could be next twice you'll Romero? These are the ones that I just did a cursory review of earlier this morning. How many others are there? This is the crazy thing then this is why I'm so hyped up right now when speaking with you because George had the audacity to mention my name and he's done so for so many years, but the come on your show and wanna punch me in the face. Why don't you wanna punch in kidney phase, George he duped you, and I do believe that George had no knowledge of Ian 's alterior life, and that's the truth right there. But he duped you, and he did such mean horrible nasty things to so many people, and you haven't even written this statement condemning his actions are distancing himself from him. He's bragging about how he would wear the fitness V t shirt and run reload, Georgia, actually, trusted, this guy to go and. Reload rehydrate his athletes during fight weeks. And n Kane is all over the internet bragging about that. This is the person I call zero integrity, George because the few times I have called him out on it radio. Silence. He had the opportunity to stand up and to condemn Ian kids. Actions to apologize to me, and Chris cyborg and Ray board and many of the other athletes what he has it. Instead he goes on to to produce a DVD series to which he says in his bio, George Lockhart has never had an athlete ever miss weight. And that's on multiple byles on multiple websites. Trying to sell his DVD's again zero integrity, George lying to the public to sell a few crappy copies of weight cutting DVD's when he does have to my knowledge the worst record in all of mixed martial arts when it comes to athletes missing weight being hospitalized. And worst of all saying that they almost died. Will you accept his challenge to fight him in August?.

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