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Come off the board. Sometimes when the great running backs and wide receivers are not are not there anymore or at least andrews met you know what i'm saying. So so that's the kind of discussion. I wanna have here. And so gimme the next year and we'll talk about some of the maybe you say okay. I'm happy to take waller kit or maybe andrews over josh jacobs or i don't know travis t. n. or amari cooper but not these guys and you can plug in your own running backs and receivers. They're so what's the next year for me. The next year starts with mark andrews and this is where we get into the fun part of tight end tears. It's actually it's hopkinson andrews. Npr followed by pits and got her got her half tier for me. So the top three tight ends in this tier hopkinson andrews pits. They're kind of in their own bubble and got her can't break through that bubble but he's not quite part of the tier below him so he's in this year so he's my he's in the third and a half year for me i suppose and i'm i'm looking for these tight ends starting in round five. So they're going to be a lot of running back. So i'm taking ahead of these tight ends and plenty of good receivers and even a few quarterbacks before i start looking at hopkinson andrews pits gutter. Yeah i have basically the same guys. It's got hurt pits and fans I'm not as excited to draft this tier. As dave is the nice thing with god. Her infant is you don't have to be I start looking at these guys. The end of round six Or in round seven and the only to the river there at that point guard her fan and so i draft them so what about going back to the wide receiver tears. What about the amari. Cooper robert woods ceedee lamb. Chris godwin mike evans. Before all these guys and all these guys for you does not include mark andrews though correct but it would for dave so dave. You're we take all those wide receivers ahead of making lamb ahead of of andrews and hopkinson. I'm taking lock it ahead of them. Dj more npr. I'll take ahead of them. I've got your chase one spot ahead of hopkinson and my overall rankings. I think it's pretty easy for me. At least it's pretty easy to take the starting running backs and the starting wide receivers while say top twenty five of each of those before all these guys what it. It's almost like this is a this tier of tight ends for me is a decision with whichever of the top five or six wherever you're tier. Cutoff is quarterback Piler murray lamar jackson. Dak prescott like those guys versus these guys. I think is a difficult decision..

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