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A ten lowest risk countries including the U.S. China Singapore Germany and the UK will not be subject to isolation upon arrival if vaccinated As Singapore announces an opening of air travel restrictions certainly interest Singapore airlines website was temporarily down over the weekend as people tried to jump in Russian president Vladimir Putin has the sniffles and a cough When asked about it he said it is not COVID but a cold He told a video conference don't worry Everything is fine China's president Hugh Jim ping will have a phone call with president of the European council Charles Michel on Friday The FBI says the naval secrets that alleged spies were had were very very high technology ABC analysts colonel retired Steve ganyard says it was substantial The nuclear reactor technology that the U.S. Navy uses on its aircraft carriers and submarines has taken decades and hundreds of billions of dollars to develop The technology is some of the most closely held technology secrets that the U.S. has It says would have been a major technology danger if it had landed in a foreign government hands Netflix co CEO Ted sarandos has defended the network's airing of controversial Dave Chappelle comedy special featuring trans jokes that defends it as artistic freedom He says Netflix will not air programs designed to incite hate or violence but said that well the closure which is the name of the especial does not cross that line the company also suspended three employees who crashed an executive meeting last week in protest and Elon Musk wants Jeff Bezos to know he's number one Bezos initially put out a tweet that concluded Amazon is one of the world's most successful companies and has revolutionized two entirely different industries Musk responded by posting the emoji of a silver medal Obviously referring to the fact that he is the world's richest person according to the Bloomberg billionaires index boys boys in San Francisco I'm at Baxter This is Bloomberg Brian My dad can beat up your dad That's right Oh boy Yep All right well thanks very much at 38 minutes past the hour Let's get to global sports And we turned to Dan Schwartzman Dan it seems like there's a lot of poaching going on It seems every day we have a lead about one soccer club looking to move in on one So let me ask you this Byron Munich are they looking to raid Barcelona's roster You know Brian you're absolutely right and especially with COVID and the financial losses mega millions that team clubs have lost throughout the year It has become a lot easier to read rosters I mean Antoine greet's been gone Leonel messaging well who's next Well sport and Spain says that Bundesliga giant inspiring me that could be looking to go after key Barcelona players the Giants of course facing severe financial problems Now the sources say that Munich has been keeping tabs on goalkeeper Marc Andre tesh stegen They are looking for a replacement for Manuel Neuer obviously Also they're looking at defender sergino dest and midfielders Frankie Dion and pedry Barcelona has dead of around €1.4 billion that they're looking to get out from under The PGA Tour having a sweetener to get golfers to compete in a minimum of 15 tour events each year by offering a $50,000 bonus bonus once at number has been reached While that is a number needed if a player wants perks such as voting rights a player is able to compete in PJ events even without reaching 15 Meanwhile the tour also announcing an increase in prize money for the players championship to 20 million from $15 million the winner's gonna now get 3.6 million That's 900,000 more than this year's winner Major League Baseball postseason Atlanta Braves take a two games to one series lead over the brewers and the best of 5 series a three nothing win Ian Anderson pitching 5 scoreless innings game two of the today between the ashes of the White Sox postponed due to weather coming up soon It's a game three of the day raise looking to stay alive down in Boston down two games to one I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update Rashad Thanks Dan for that We've got a possibility of a slippage for Asian equities concerns about inflation and energy costs weighing on markets A lot.

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