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Acute what would you please debate by the numbers legend has it that this russian sounding cocktail was actually invented at hollywood's cock and bullbar we're an inability to sell smirnoff vodka and ginger beer combined with the russian emigrants need to unload thousand copper mugs led to its creation a moscow new that's correct why do you have two thousand mugs why do you have to unload them to get rid of these modes despite its parisians sounding name this hot same which typically consisting of a roast beef inside of the bag get actually originated in los angeles to places claimed to have invented app philipps and kohl's now hall a french diplomat is so remember sean spicer well food historians marked him when he suggested this mayo in ketchup salad topper was actually from a country and its name despite it being created in new hampshire paul space dots or something i don't know why i don't know what kind of salads you were sound amazing i want us it's not space dots vases scott all sick again salad topper for the place name in it.

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