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I mean, if cage is coming just wearing Travolta's face. He doesn't have that scar. He had to give him back. The love handles and stuff and I was wondering about the scar. To I thought for sure that was how she would figure it out. And not like, oh, let me get a hypodermic in the middle of the night. And stick him. So I can do a blood test who comes up with that again, unless you're trying to make me laugh at how bad the writing is. But are you not laughing nothing against Joan Allen fine actress, but when they do it at Ashot of Travolta's Eddie honor, and they just pan that camera against her. Latte asks and it's like. I'm cracking up. This is Larry the music again. Yes. James Brown going on. And the fact that he's only he's not attracted to her. He's only doing this because he wants to completely get one up on Archer. He's not just going to sleep with Archer's wife, which is bad enough. But he's going to seduce her because Archer kids even succeed in that. He's going to go in and just overtake Archer's life and do it better than Archer. Does one of the big things. I feel like nNcholas cage in this because I feel like we're having a face off here Stewart, and we should swap faces because I'm like, you don't look like you're having any fun. What are you come international terrorism and loose it up a little bit? Because that's what he's doing with Archer is by being a looser Archer he's improving Archer's life. We even get Margaret show in here asking if he had a surgical procedure. He's too she know about my. Face. No did he have the stick removed from his ass yet. What is castor Troy as archers plan to become the head of the FBI eliminate all terrorism? And then he'll be the only terrorist. He went and got Pollock's out by saying politics is cooperating and telling us where the bomb is. Yes, as politics is out. And what he tells politics is we're going to use this law enforcement position. We're gonna take down all the criminals, we're going to do archers job better than Archer does because we're not going to follow the constitution. It's going to be said that they're using Gestapo tactics. But castor, Troy knows where all the criminals are he's going to bring them down. And then get a monopoly on underground crime. He'll have all the prostitutes and drugs and gun running and terrorism you need because as Archer he's arrested everyone else. Poor Margaret show. She's got a karate chop and pull out guns baked for the part. She hounded. Woo. Are you sure that tarintino didn't just push her into this? Because I feel like teen is like, oh, you gotta do this. And you know, he did the same thing to Mira Sorvino to he put her in that show young fat pieces shit, replace killers. According to what we said on the commentary. First of all his kids were a big fan of Margaret show and thought she was really cool as second. It was going to be young fat Chow in that role. But then he couldn't appear the film because of contractual obligations, and so Margaret show was the fifth. Get that get Margaret show. Okay. Yeah. Talking about chose character in this. Like, if I want to think rationally about this film, which I really don't. But if you have a body swap movie, and the characters aren't acting like who they look like like Travolta, when it's castor as Sean Archer, he walks into that F B I room, and they're applauding him for finding the bomb disarming it, and he's reveling in that applause when we saw the real Archer when they did that to him. He's like, no, we gotta think about the ones who died and were injured in the sting. Let's be serious like no one ever calls Archer out for acting weird which seems weird for a body. Switch movie they're just thinking he so happy because he captured caster I think the one who should be doing. This isn't Margaret show Joan Allen. Oh, yeah. Of course eve the wife because it's not her husband. She's been married to this guy for twenty years give or take and she. She doesn't notice she is just going to believe this change of heart and Papa with the brand new bag, and.

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