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It's a new podcast called start here where our experts give you on the ground access to the big stories of the day. We're going to give you some context, some clarity among the chaos, twenty minutes every weekday subscribe now on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast and start here. It's ten AM Sunday at the rescue mission is underway. Outside the cave families. Wait with bated breath, it sign of it. British diver, Jason Melanson is taking a moment to catch his with at first sedated. Boy, it to- he has just surfaced pleading a major hurdle. The first dive of the rescue operation while we realize that yes, the mass worked. The Drake worked after that a new. A chance we can get them all out. But balancing quickly realizes there is a flaw in the plan he in to support divers have to physically carry this dated boy to the next dive point through a muddy older, spike chamber about one and a half football fields long. You thinking to yourself, what did I get myself into and you're physically carrying this king folks. This is too we shouldn't have to be doing this. You know, on dive into mouth Melanson is now physically exhausted. When he does back into the abyss along the way he faces a mix of diving through completely flooded chambers and swimming across deep canals with rushing water. It was actually harder in the canal sections because when we were on the war and he was neutral, and I was neutral these quite hard to swim in the canal and then push your Porsche an in a child along with you. Melanson is halfway home and struggling to negotiate one of those long canals, when a potential Catan. Trophy happens swimming down the canal in neck date Walter, and he started coming out and sedition. The boy starts to come to you. Realize you've got to read administer the sedation. You've got to put him out. It was very tricky at trend is floating around on the surface. China's trying to grab all of them through literally grabbing the stuff in the water and try to put it back in and try and get need longish, Rindge ks leg open to it one hundred and get you. Sure. Just bucking it and you try to, he'd be forced to administer three more shots along the way. Had you ever administered a shot? Anybody never had you ever felt that isolated and responsible in your life, the responsibility he, meanwhile, and chamber three, there's a team of tiny seals along with medics from the US military anxiously awaiting balancing and his special cargo that was a line that would come up out of the water and chamber three until that line was start to move. We absolutely had no idea. It was more nerve wracking when they said, hey, lawns move in. And at that point you knew five, ten minutes late. Or somebody who's coming up after what seemed like it a totally balancing emerges from the darkness with that first child in tone than what kinds of sod or while it actually worked Marie? Absolutely sure. The kids breathing kid is doing fine. The young boy is immediately tended to by medics. The me the doctor would measure the oxygen level in the body, the kids breathing and he's then loaded onto a stretcher for the remaining half mile extraction, some deck, it took more than one hundred people to bring them to the entrance of the cave, but it won't be easy. They have to navigate the stretcher across extremely difficult to reign over boulders and across steep cliffs. At one point, they connect the boy to a series of zip lines to make it easier to move along. Is this the actual litter that you guys use? You're one of the types that that was used? Absolutely. Yes. Staff sergeant Sean hopper, a para rescuer, from the US air force showed us how one of those applied systems worked. Our do the hooking up. I would yell down to my next..

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