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So am i. You're talking about what you perceive your problem. I'm telling you about the real issue and you wanna shut somebody in a hurry. You try that somebody starts spouting this nonsense or child your center. Because that's what god says. We're all here now. If that's true they let's go back to what i said just a little bit ago about more than one. Seger could have done that. Obviously could he could have. And we start thinking about the jews and the gentiles arkansas. Don i think read from john chapter four as far as using the samaritans. We have no dealings with you. Well what was the relationship between the jews and samaritans all right half brothers so all right. Well we've at least got a little blood. As far as jewish blood in us or we got a little samarkand blackness. But what if you're a gentile note you have your real dog. If you have no dealings with the samaritans who are your half brothers. Then when it comes to the gentiles what has to be true. Absolutely nothing i mean. There's no way. I wanna see these people talk to these people and yet brand-new you go over to chapter two. I'm gonna have to twelve fourteen to sixteen and then we're going to look at joshua twenty four fifteen and i corinthians six in verse eleven. Let's get those joshua. And i corinthians readers lined up josh twenty four fifteen who wants it joshua twenty four i fifteen betty and in i corinthians chapter six verse eleven. We'll take that one for us. Gary you brian. let's go back to verse. Twelve and remember. He's talking about jews and gentiles. And what christ did with those two groups of people accountable.

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