Shaykh Muhammad, Senate Intelligence Committee, Guantanamo Bay discussed on Global News Podcast


Fight against alqaeda i'm very proud of the fact that we captured the perpetrator of nine eleven hollered shake mohammad i think we did extrordinary work to me the tragedy is that the controversy surrounding the interrogation program which i've as i've already indicated to senator warner i fully understand that but it has cast a shadow over what has been a major contribution to protecting this country would you mention shaykh muhammad and not clip and he's to contribute gary what do we know about that will apparently was six paragraphs that he wants put before the senate intelligence committee and who sees sit in guantanamo bay them man who masterminded the whole non eleven attacks we don't know what the states of those all they certainly weren't raised in the open hearing this morning whether or not the senate intelligence committee would even entertain audience i think is is unlikely but it it just shows you that there is a lot of pressure from all sorts of different places some unac expected perhaps in terms of her confirmation the senate committee will vote on that next week we understand if she gets over that hurdle then it'll be a vote on the floor of the senate confirm her and things are pretty tight there in terms of the number so it's it's not over yet for her but if she gets through she'll be the first ever female director of the cia carrio donahue in washington china's powerful lita xi jinping famously loves football and his cold for his country to qualify for host uneven win the world cup by twenty fifty it's a passion that's reached right across the country from the holes of power in beijing too small school on a mountaintop in one of the poorest parts of china celia hatton traveled again su province to find out why so many young people in china devoting themselves to the sport this tiny school is dominated by football there are just sixty five people's but four football teams the children wake up at five forty am to begin practice on this windy mountaintop.

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