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Staley's look yeah down one nothing steve sampson i believe right one nothing at halftime and i really believe that because of the way were playing in creating all goal scoring chances that we believe that we come back and get a result i never felt at halftime that the players didn't believe in themselves at didn't believe at half that they were questioning anything they didn't express that to me they blew back from any of the plane none zero not one not one not one player came up and said you know why isn't this player playing are why are we playing this way and the reason is because we were completely dominating you're on that's the thing about soccer you can be so dominant sue strong out pass out possess shoot your opponent but then one single mistake callous oversight the toys they just turn and the only stat that matters in the end is the school jim frosted says a mood and not look was released subdued your one nell down your dominating you know this is a moment where you know you can come back right but at this time when you need someone to step forward at halftime and nobody steps up and says anything that was that was a bad sign i don't remember anybody getting fired up and brian mcbride screaming at each other or yelling you know something positive no less nece perhaps she was known plus design at this point we've got a coach remembering that movement say kate that i can tell you this if you go into a locker room at halftime and you teams down one they'll the goings just sitting there checking shoelaces some interim sherry room got got to do to do the same kind of aggressive style of solar early on the game is now changed not changed as a player mill down ticking time go fast sleep at this time it's going it's going way to fast you intend on monologue speeding up there it's becoming it's not necessarily speeding up it's becoming more and more important more and more sensual that we get working on what would be injure upset franks of these two teams second hole you keep changing fool with do you have any kind of internal frankie i remember like i was in the game specific do we got plenty of time even when we were down one zero i really thought that we would we could come back at any moment even though we were we were down a still thought that we were better than them and and that we could come back the us looking for dry for the us attacked relentlessly recklessly still in the orion best chance yet for the us in the second half by this towing it feels like a national mission to someone to go but the american soil to the failed it's completely vulnerable and the minute they runs medea viki launches a woman counterattacks strolling into the american hole it all comes down to go casey taylor.

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