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At nationwide retailers. Daisy ashes radio WFAN see traffic problems, call the injury firm of Abraham's in, in Utah. Rick traffic tip line. Hillsboro eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five already muggy this morning. Wind will eventually come off the Gulf of Mexico with the seabreeze and that's going to touch off about a twenty percent chance of showers as they pushed farther inland. And with the extra humidity off the golf and a few more clouds are high today. Stays down to ninety two yesterday. We were at ninety four and then those evening showers taper off with a low tonight of Seventy-nine similar day tomorrow. Twenty percent rain chance could see a morning shower along the coast and a high of ninety one in the boat. Forecast, south winds becoming west at tend not since easy to feet. I'm meteorologist lease van. Our radio music festival. Now, the nationwide keyword credit to two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and info, standard data and message rates apply in this contest that credit to two hundred two hundred today is a day, really, it is pretty much been all about free speech, and I'm going to introduce you to somebody who has been banned. When I say introduce you to him you might have already seen him. He's a comedian. And he's the guy that was on Facebook, and he wasn't going public with some of his rants one night. He just decided, you know, push the public button and his views went from to Dover forty two million. And then Facebook decided. Hey, no, no, you're not to do that. And has been banned from Facebook wait until you hear what he did that got him banned. It's incredible. Freedom of speech on the ropes in America in one minute. Is the Glenn Beck program. I remember my first car. Showed I was so excited to buy a nineteen sixty nine MGB, and I drove down to Seattle to get it. And it was used it was really sketchy. Who's like, you know you don't you don't really even have a sign here. No, we're just here the day, you know..

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