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School. Though oh i started dating someone and he wanted to bring me to an acting class and i was a little bit reluctant because sort of what you're saying earlier i didn't anticipate following my my mother's footsteps and i went to this acting class an improv class and i just love it so much i just had so many feelings can't do that too. That's a really good way to put it. I haven't really thought about it like that. Yeah you can't do anything wrong and so i fell in love with it and i was like oh jeez. This is what i really want to do. So i'm gonna try. My hardest determined detroit. Make that happen and so what steps do you take it up. Point being like this very responsible type person. I was like okay well. I will try to go to a good school so i went to rod for the summer and studied shakespeare and then i went to los angeles for bit. My sister was there. My mom was here at the time and i'm making of all this after a lifetime of you to do with this. She was really supportive and i'm really grateful for that and my sister is well because she's an actress and in she helped me so much. She's the person that has run every audition with me to date and she'll you know when i'm going on tape. She'll be the person that they could no. Let's do it a couple more times than its economy. Lucky stars about her every single day so this may be very random one but i came across something that i've got ask you because it sounds like something out of victorian england or something you and your sister in two thousand eleven major debuts god at all day the debutante ball in paris. We did both of those. I've always heard about it. I don't even know what that means. I don't really go be honest. I don't know why either of us were invited. Where the least <hes> it's actually just a bunch of real royalty like literal royalty. Go to this ball in paris and raining. I both grew up in north carolina and <hes> this is the thing in the movies. It's like now. Go get married right right yeah yeah <hes> but having both grown up in a really small town we both were invited to go to paris to fancy ball absolutely after modeling over those before that was i think justice i i it's about about the ten thousand eleven so it might have been in the would have been during before modern yeah yeah but anyway that was just a bigger so it seems like i don't know if this was the same person you mentioned that you were dating when you got into improv but now you're dating some another actor and go to visit a set and suddenly you first screen role. Oh yes i use the first person i've ever dated and yes i visited him onset of paolo alto and coppola directing james franco's stories yes exactly and g._o._p. So talented and cool and we became friends and she asked me if i wanted to just do a real small part in her movie and jose absolutely i do this was the girl you're playing who i remember seeing this telluride that year i guess takes away the attention of this older sire coach james franko from emma. Emma roberts also shouldn't be involved with right right. But how did you even know how to act for a camera. You'd never acted for a camera before well. Luckily i didn't really have have to do too much. I just play soccer and then i kind of like him. Teary eyed while james franco consoles me and that's that's it but yes she was generous generous in giving me that opportunity because i definitely didn't know what i was doing and as a result of that suddenly now you're on more radars it just a coincidence that probably right around the same time you get a call about a show called the leftovers yeah. I know those are related but i'm grateful. Regardless listened yes i. The leftovers was my first job in one of my first really big auditions and the super fortunate to do that to to familiarize people if they haven't seen leftovers on h._b._o. This was you're basically playing the daughter of just throws characters..

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