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Crazy yes monday cbs presents a new comedy that asked the question can you ever limb tooclose tear perry needs face first i don't like your challenge yes yes you can be waiting twelve years futile move that we must establish some growls iin this but now mark lawyers theme told and linda laven star helen slottje marcy is bomb what you get the first five now it's my turn jkl monday only cbs she thought you were done with brought back into the open source don't have to settle for second best but in some extra time finetuning year old man slain require a little bit of frac this cancer learn of of some foundries within your relationships leo this week reevaluate your social circles timing some new friends and vertigo hard work this week we'll get noticed fireman and secure ourselves are coming up cbs sunday at one shot at this guy was do his interesting as los angeles naval criminal investigative service know their mission we need to going to cover no noted we're running at its no live it's gone off but for this there's no both for this don't miss ncis los angeles sunday or stream it live or on demand a reports that gardenhire will be the tigers manager panning the contract negotiation but sounds like they've decided he's them anotjer bothering the monticello is about 8 don't was up one aspect is very good couldn't be happier a dodger he ecu fat congress cross of yankee now i would of course you are you more surprised by how 'bout you rick the yankees have shown to strike coming back down or two or quite honestly how houston isn't as good as we thought they were nam more surprised by the starting pitching of the yankees i think this starting pitching has been superb i think that's a big reason why the astros having been doing what they do oh i think the astros were front a little bit and they thought they were going to have an easy series after the first two games and they ran into some very good pitching i think of surprised them how good and the only thing i'd i think listen there just in a slump on offensively it happens with teams i've seen good yankee teams in the playoffs play terribly i've seen.

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