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Hello and welcome Acura, so thank you for joining me here in space. But we had opportunity to share some juggle. and. It's such a reliant leak. A fuel so eliminated. I think it's because. She entered some twenty some associates. Eighty! What we just need to follow now is some sunshine. Sunshine you woke coming in Sean some light in allies. So this week going through the transient. Is quite interesting as moonies on Russians. In is a thing that works law actions. Is. That matvey gays in conversations and Full being really income is how triggered very call we all. As public, but the MOSS misunderstood enemy of the ingredients. And so, it was continually interested. You see Hellman plays in life. Through the CAT CENA season because castle each will bite me. So my sister, the man is a harm. So when you at hand. In your environment you all if he comes out. The whole household knows that you. So. This is will good loons. Also is going to have an extra and cease on how films? Especially how hard June season! So let's begin. We'll reminded about our relationship cost the present and future. Ace. Combining. And how we feel a pulse and off present house a comic. Or huge. Reminded to not be overwhelmed feed, we had in the presence, and how they can have a future because effects absolutely doing Naam Presi Has, leased. So how you feel now. Could actually be hall. What drives? Tool think chief huge. What we're going through is connected again monitors Kansas. SEASON? So brings US home to understand why and how we interact with. People and others has been influenced fire on mobile's. especially our relationship with women. Having. Analyzing malicious. Or who definitely helps on Sun over lection in how we have released a woman passing I've noticed that while relation Mama sleet good. While relationship with my friends were friends. Is Soup Ring? Again is no lection. If you have great female relationships, you must like have quietly Shimon. And women in your, also, it may be of use. that. Shit with winning your friendships. Always indicate sometimes we don't have the connection with more friends can be. Your mother's fault. We will let moderates reader. We may have friends like this some offense that we have. A psychics sensitivity to they know so well so intricately thoughts was. Always been my life's, those are the people to go to win things. On study and there is a colliding effects of high. OFF THE PRESIDENT AND HOUSE CONSIDER Future sometimes you just need hit those monthly. What's to just help grounds the emotions? You have the sation oil eight six rest how you feel about. The poss holds you. Create this central independence from us. Thinking about the poss-. What was he's immune? G. O. OF WHAT WILL NOT Change. Across is there to help all identity. Also shows off his. He also shows on insecurities. It also shows when we stumbled whether tricky vote. However. We focus so much on the poss and Howard fails. We have left room for hurry. differently. So this conversation and we cancel visions. And actions and things that trigger US was. People Unless he folks on those things Song Harry. Do on identify softly tenure, and even just one day one force has. that. We have an opportunity to tap into Sultan. Positive Melody Energy is just smooth. It's just rhythmic. Way. House appears confident and gives us the ability to assert ourselves enough to make right connections from the hawks. The feel really good harmony within. Which and trace this much needed clarity. It helps you teen. It helps to gain tension. Says she? She may be happened shortly with others. Really qualitatively leaves fire in and was also. In the month round twin seven, there is a situation that speaks of fracture in with a new relationship. It could be possible some. Going for a false. False! Because there's. Almost. She feels able to be setting as he could have been in checking. It was a situation while old response to house, and it creates social weight on her. She saw less off. Well he will into nation. On the dynamics.

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