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Is it intelligence is it luck unfortunately there aren't any studies on serial killers that aren't caught seeing as there aren't any uncaught serial killers to interview unfortunate indeed of course we can look at some traits that cher for example well serial killers that go on caught are typically organized rather than unorganized killers there are also usually the ones with some of the shortest runtimes anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years if you're careful with how you plan your crime and never kill enough to get sloppy and leave evidence behind than it's less likely the police will be able to catch you is that the idea exactly and these two key points may be exactly the reason that scotland's most sought after killer was never caught akg pie i'm greg poulsen and this is serial killers today we're going to look into one of the most famous serial killers in scottish history a man by the name of bible john i'm here with my co host vanessa richardson vanessa's not a license psychologists psychiatrists but she's done a lot of research for this show hi everyone we'd like to ask a quick favour would you leave of five star review of serial killers on your favorite podcast directory it seems so simple but it really helped us out and don't forget to subscribe while you're there because a new episode comes out every monday you can also find us on facebook and instagram at par cast and on twitter at park cast network a quick note and this week's episode all quotes will be performed by actors however these lines are quoted from primary research sources and presented exactly as those people stayed in them now let's get back to the twisted psyche of bible john.

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