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If i have any message say is be radical and fight however you can is far as you know rhetoric learn about these social justice warriors and learn how to take them down and talk to anybody you can about them so that they can be educated especially if they have kids that are going to go off to college all right man amen amen to all of that the book is the kids are not all right it's fantastic man congratulations do it really is excellent my highly recommended to everybody where can they go get the book where can they listen to the podcasts okay the book is on amazon search mance reiter as you'll you'll see my first book you'll see the you'll see this book you'll see the kids are not alright the podcast is at freeman beyond the wall dot com if you if you go to itunes stitcher google play you'll see just search freeman beyond the wall if you go onto if you gonna libertarian institute dot oregon the blog section my podcasts are also listed there so check out the book give it give it to a teenager let them find out what what they're in force actually if they wanna go to higher you know higher learning institutes of higher learning so that they can have something to fight this indoctrination that's inevitable i brother will look man i it was great having you on again i look forward to next time dude i appreciate it thanks for great episode thanks everybody for listening that's it we'll be back on friday with a brand new episode piece.

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