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On september fifteenth at twenty twenty two marks exactly a year where the foreign ministers of rain and the u. a e. joint israel's then prime minister benjamin netanyahu and america's then president donald trump on the white house long to sign who some cold peace accord and others cold normalization agreement and most everyone called the abrahama courts. Then president trump said this is peace in the middle east without blood all over the sand. Bahraini foreign minister abdullatif bin. Russia zany said that agreements where an historic step on the road to genuine and lasting peace security and prosperity across the region and for all live there regardless of religion sect ethnicity or ideology united arab emirates. Foreign minister abdullah benza. Didn't niane said that. Agreements marked a change in the heart of the middle east. A change that will send hope around the world then prime minister netanyahu said that courts represented a pivot of history. And and you don piece of course. At the time the agreements had serious critics the office of palestinian president mahmoud our best issued a statement titled what happened today in the white house will not bring peace to the region that said that no peace security or stability will be achieved for anyone in the region without ending occupation and without the palestinian people achieving their full rights atlantic editor. Jeffrey goldberg wrote at the time that in many ways abraham accords amount to an arms deal for the uae and baharan who were eager to buy f thirty five joint strike fighter planes the winners he wrote where four strong men leaders of the countries involved. Mohammed bin zayd the defacto ruler of the rats. Mohammed bin salman the crown prince of saudi arabia and netanyahu and trump the palestinians had reason to feel like agreement came to their expense goldberg groat because normalizing relations with israel without demanding an end to documentation almost tacit acceptance of occupation that said establishment american middle east policy experts. David's makovsky and dance shapiro. Who was barack obama's ambassador to israel. Roads at the time in the washington post that history and common sense both showed that arab states that maintain diplomatic relations with israel play a more active role in supporting palestinian aspirations than those who do not in other words wants trade diplomacy military alliance and all the rest. Stay cold between the abrahama court countries. It will be easier not harder to force israel to withdraw from occupied lands and make political and military compromises to allow independent state of palestine to rice. A lot has happened in the year that has passed since that day on the white house lawn trump. And it's in. Yahoo voted out of office in. May there was war. Between gaza and israel and mob violence between jews and arabs in cities in israel the pandemic took millions and millions more lives around the world but the abraham accords have seemingly thrived more than two hundred thousand israelis flew to the u a e in the past year covert. Be damned and in dubai. You can find kosher buffets in five star. Hotels israelis eagerly building. It's official pavilion for next months. Go by expo the. Us embassy of the amarat's just published a list of sixty three examples of cooperation between the u. a. and israel over the past year in diplomacy economy trae technology energy environment health tourism and asian. A couple of weeks ago. Jules hamma tweeted. I am honored to announce that i will be arriving until aviv today. To begin my post as brains first embassador to is read. All of this was basically unthinkable until not too long ago and despite all that as jonathan. I wrote in soco opinion piece in foreign policy this week. About how america's new president. Joe biden is tippett an apathetic about the abraham courts. The only official celebration of the courts first anniversary are being organized by trump administration sorts. Jared kushner who has started something called. The abraham accords peace institute with money from left-leaning israeli american high sabban donald trump's ambassador to israel david freedman roberts greenway who was on trump's national security council advice on the middle east and more ambassadors of the uae behind an israel will speak at the event and some democrats will be there but the white house is not organizing any comparable celebration why partially because the abraham accords eh are trump's. Think and as i writes biden has no wish to raise anything by trump but i says there are other reasons to biden is eager to improve relations with palestinians who still oppose the agreements at the same time biden wishes to reduce american involvement in the middle east also one gathers biden dozen by that the abraham of lead to anything like sustainable peace. All of which taken together makes this an odd anniversary for an odd feet of diplomacy and that leads our question. Alison i if all we're happy. Umeda what should we make of. Abraham accords at their first nursery Well it's something nice. For trump. Netanyahu jared kushner to have on their resume. So that's That's important they get to point to to But that is. I guess the big disadvantage of it to listen. It was an interesting first step That could be built on an expanded and You know jonathan further is right in that. It's very hard not so much. I think because the The biden administration wants to make nice with the palestinians or show it's commitment to to an israeli palestinian centered piece. But it's more politics. It's more the stain of the trump administration being on the abraham accords. The branding they won't even call at the abraham. According to the state department they refer to it as normalization. so that's a huge That's a huge hump to get over. It's very hard to judge on the ground How much actual you know. Piece relationships between the people of these states and israelis is being built in the kovic era. Yeah we've got all this enthusiasm for you. Know going to the five star hotels and traveling back and forth although it's mostly in one direction It's not clear. If it's i mean i'm sure there's less enthusiasm on the part of emirati to visit israel but also israel isn't letting foreigners in at this point so you can't really be the judge of whether this is leading to real Ties between the between the two people. It is a superficial piece on the israeli side. I mean just wanting tourism is not the same as wanting to really you know form bonds with this With this country so so we'll see. But i do think that I mean historically for better and for worse. I think you know a great deal for worse. The point was proven that you can take real steps in terms of peace slash. I hate the word. Peace in this case but normalization of relations with arab muslim countries without actually confronting the occupation the palestinian issue etc. And to put myself in palestinian shoes. I would definitely see it as a huge disappointing step So i don't know if it's a cause for celebration but it's definitely a cause for consideration and i think it does show that the world has changed. And i do think that netanyahu and trump for what it's worth Approved appoint and showed show the world that That this is possible and it should be teach a lesson and be a wakeup call. I think to everyone who wants a real peace of palestinian israeli. Peace that This needs to move forward as.

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