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Walk off fashion best than kyle schwarzer in the final round but that's insignificant what i took from that more than anything else was last night was a good night if you're a fan of major league baseball last night was a good night for washington dc baseball the place was packed the local favourite was the star of the show winning the home run derby there was very little not to like with what took place last night at nationals ballpark it was a win win all around and the powers that be what major league baseball you know what you couldn't have drawn it up any better because say what you want about bryce harper and i know that he is not had the first half of the season that he would probably have wanted to both individually and team wise with the washington nationals probably falling in the discussion of most disappointing team in baseball up until this point middling around that five hundred markan as i keep saying they're stuck in neutral they just can't seem to get it going it's one step forward two steps back and bryce harper's performance individually has certainly not done a lot to help that i know he's got a lot of home runs but he's also got a heck of a lot of strikeouts and he's not really hitting to an average which you would accustomed to a player that is certainly thought of is one of the best in major league baseball and a guy who was probably going to be the most high profile free agent that's going to hit the open market here coming up in the form of winter and where is he going to go and this is really been something that's gone back a couple of years ever since scott boras is agent has thrown these numbers out there of three hundred four hundred million dollars for the player that's a lot for anybody right i mean let's be real it is a lot for anybody and the natural thing to do is the easy thing to do it's just the dump on a guy like bryce harper and say well you know he's not a winner right hasn't won anything yet big about it since since he's been up in the big leagues the washington nationals have not even won a playoff series and for guy to get all of this attention and all the accolades and all the stars and and the commercials and the merchandising you at least expect to performance with his team to go hand in hand with that that doesn't happen but if you know anything about baseball that's also not fair you can't pin it on just one guy mike trout is even better than bryce harper k might trout is the best player in the sport how much postseason success is mike trout head as a member of the angels next to none even less than bryce harper made the postseason one time and they were out of there in five minutes can't pin it all on one guy not in baseball this isn't the nba we're lebron james goes to your team it's gonna turn around your fortunes like that doesn't work that way with this game but it's interesting too because i've read some things this morning and certainly a lot of folks weighed in and i do a show on mlb network radio and was on last night right after that homerun derby and and breaking it down and whatnot and i really enjoyed what the show that baseball put on last night specifically bryce harper and you heard from him and you heard the emotion in his voice and yeah i know a lot of that was on the field and it was kind of playing to the crowd talking about how much he loves the fans and l electric atmosphere was but even inside the tunnel and inside the media room there where you have the press conference at the podium you know he was getting a little emotional getting a little choked up i think given everything that happened in front of those fans last night but maybe just maybe did he do enough last night in an exhibition and i'm not throwing it out the window we have to acknowledge that it's still an exhibition and it's a home run derby but it did he do enough last night to make other teams in major league baseball forget about the fact that he and his team have disappointed in the first half of.

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