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That even come about like? How do they even find out that you were capable of this and could step in there and then how did it worked for like I duNno Sean? Burke just says I'm tired today and you jump in and put on the pads I mean you gotta explain this type new idea how this sort of thing comes about welfare and so the the when I we start with the coyotes. The general manager was Bobby Smith whose page the Montreal Canadians administer the more stars. He's a great guy and we used to go and play there'd the bunch of were in the head the front office that had played before so we go down On the ice and just mess around and so I played with him Just kind of pick up at the at the the arena and it came to training camp ninety nine or two thousand and they were short a goalie. Someone was holding his contractor. Something happened or injury right before training camp and I got a call the night before training camp started and said Hey John John Tomorrow. Tomorrow you're going to get the right team or whatever it was and I was like. Wow I've got word today noodle your job to two training camp and you're going to skate okay. And he said and you need to get get there early tomorrow morning because we don't want you to get killed and you need some equipment that it's going to be a little better so so I went there early and Equipment Guy Stan He. He's Alright Bay John and he got me to do with equipment helmet and the chest protector. So I wouldn't get killed the off. I went and played hockey and I don't think it was because I was a good good goalie. It would just because I was a big target cupboard. A lot of net. Be Honest here when you're out there on that first day are you thinking to yourself. I'M GONNA make a save on one of these guys and remember for the rest of my life or you thinking holy crap. They're gonNa hit me in the season. It's GonNa hurt like what's where's your state of mind in this state. At that time I mean there was fifty guys in training camp and a lot of them are these you you know eighteen. Nineteen year old kids trying to make the team and I'm just there trying to survive so they weren't holding a bit. They were not holding back at all. They were just like they're trying to and they didn't even know who. I was like all the veterans that had on the team new I was. I've been around for a few years but the new kids. No I wasn't they didn't care. They just started firing pucks at me and it was there to survive not not make a save. I love this okay. So let's fast forward a little bit. You've obviously you gave us a little foreshadowing worship showing there. You're in charge of the website with the coyotes. You're you're dealing with content you're dealing with this new Internet world and then you fast forward award. It's two thousand you've got this good gig in the NHL. With the coyotes your practice goalie. You're in the PR department doing all this stuff with the website. Your big hockey hockey fan. This sounds like it's a it's a perfect opportunity for you tons of room to grow comfortably within a young organization but you decide to go out on your own and launch a dot com where can sports dot com. Why why leave all of that to start something new Greek question and it was So somewhere deep down. I've I've always. I've always been an entrepreneur. My Dad was an entrepreneur. He owned his own company I've always wanted to own my own company but but I did have a dream job and so the idea kind of came about it. This is a you know in sports could fill a need at the time. There was a company. A site called sports careers dot com. Who who is the original sort of sports resource out there and they were the only ones doing it and at the time they were doing it very well like you looked at the site? You know we could do better than this so it started that you know leap of faith again and just like I'm GonNa try this. I come young I've got You know I didn't have kids. It wasn't married. Now's the time to take a chance and so I'm GonNa do this. And so but the domain we're sports dot com with my co founder Jason Bags and he was working at the time we bought it. And we say we're going to do this and we. We started working sports and we started from my my my dining room for the first year. And we're trying GONNA get this as well as working for The coyotes at work all day and then go home and and work at work in Jason with at home working all day on this and we're trying trying to find investment. We actually we. Each borough dwelt thousand dollars from our parents and that was going to get it going into it can find an investor and then the tech bubble burst so now we're searching around we're looking for investment at a time when like nobody wanted to touch the Internet people. If you read the paper people would tell you that the Internet was was going to be around like it was with a fat. It was like you would just going to disappear So we had to convince investors that the reason versus because all the projections back in based on an advertising model and we said we don't. We are not going to have an advertising while it's business based on a subscription description services to help people find a job in the industry and Find we found a couple of brothers that own a circuit board company in In in Arizona here that believed in US and they took the leap of faith and They they gave us some investment. And we're able to sign a deal with SPA. CNN sports so straight and CNN SL DOT COM to be their official employment resource and we went on there and Once we had that I had to get my visa on my buy papers to. That'd be able to stay in the country and work here and so that was a big risk because of the didn't work. I had no sponsor they're going to kick me out of the country so there's a a lot of pressure from a lot of different fronts to make this thing work but it ended up working. It's funny that I was working C. N. N.. Sports illustrated C. N.. N.'s sports illustrated ended up being seeing your biggest first client away and yet we never met each other. We didn't know each other at all. So it's just very strange coincidence that we didn't even realize until ten years later which I think is. It's kind of wild. I remember reading that and seeing.

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