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Brought to you by straight talk wireless and this past weekend teams finalizing the roster lot of moving and shaking guys come in guys going as they all set their fifty fifty three to get started here for the beginning of this regular season and the team making the most news the last couple of days clearly the houston texans and the texans are an odd odd team in the sense that it's not like they've been unsuccessful the last several years under bill o'brien they have right. They've won three division titles under this head coach. They've only won the won playoff game and you can make the argument that the only reason they won the playoff games because the raiders were playing with a quarterback who was probably not equipped to start a playoff game that was remember when endeavor car went down with a broken leg on christmas eve so it's not like they've been a bottom feeder. They've been actually pretty successful. I think that a lot of teams and a lot of fans would certainly certainly sign up for what the houston texans of able to give them the last couple of years but they had themselves marquee player in today the uncloudy and you knew that eventually has contract was going to be coming into an end and your face with one of two predicaments you can either pay the player or you can look to shop him and get something for him. We know how everything turned out and we know today. The uncloudy is now a member of the seattle seahawks and we'll try to wreak havoc on the quarterbacks in the n._f._c. west out in the great northwest. But what about the houston in texas did they handle this the right way because not only did they trade today be on clinton to the seahawks then they go ahead and they make the move with the miami dolphins and bringing a franchise left tackle tackling laremy tunsil so there's a lot of things to unpack here with houston and specifically the way that they kind of just fine tune this roster over the last forty forty eight seventy two hours and make no mistake about it here guys. This is a team that is acting without a general manager but it is clearly bill o'brien show. He's the one one that is calling the shots. He is the one making the moves here for this football team and it's going to be his you know what on the line if the moves don't pan out now clearly the shape of the a._f._c. south has undergone a little bit of a change over the last couple of weeks with the andrew luck news that he was going to be retiring and the colts turning over the offense to jacoby percent. I get that but you looked at the houston texans team even when luck was figured to be part of the mix for indianapolis and he thought that they had a pretty good chance chance to do some special things here again in this division and in the a._f._c. but let's start with the cloudy situation here first and foremost before we get into the move it they made with the miami dolphins and when you look at what they did in shipping the player off to the seattle seahawks clearly they could not come to an understanding which davey uncloudy in terms of the value houston clearly didn't want to pay the guy what he thought he was worth so they were left with no choice but to send him packing to seattle here. Now look today began cloudy. Has he been a bus definitely not but his been the so-called..

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