George Herbert Walker Bush, William Butler Yeats, President Trump discussed on Overnight re-air of day's programming


Was a leader. And he knew it. My hope is that in remembering the life of George Herbert Walker Bush and in honoring his accomplishments, we will see that we are really praising what is best about our nation the nation. He dearly love, and whose values he embodied. There is more to say than time permits and any way when measured against the eloquence of George Bush's character and life are words are very inadequate. And so I conclude these remarked with his words. Written some years ago to his old tennis, buddy. We've known each other a long time. He wrote to me we have shared joy and sadness and time has indeed gone swiftly by now at races on even faster. And that makes me treasure even more this line of William Butler Yeats about where man's glory begins. Any ends namely with friends. My glory is I have you as such a friend to which I reply on behalf of his friends here today across America and throughout the world. We rejoice Mr President that you are safely tucked in now. And through the ages were God's loving arms around you because our glory George was to have had you as our president. And that's your friend..

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