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It's 101 news radio 1200 W away. I With the safety concerns of going back to school is little one San Antonio State lawmaker asking the governor to delay the start of class a senator who's imminent the survey, thousands of teachers and parents over 500 school districts and he says there was an overwhelming fear for safety. This is a pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. This is not the time to be sending students and educators to the front lines of the global pandemic. He's also asking the governor to allow teachers to opt out of teaching this year. Austin area hospitals are running low on staffers amid the Koven 19 crisis, alternate Health authority, Dr Jason Pickett's hospitals or having to compete for more workers. Right now, the hospitals are stressed with patients and looking for help from the state and from there other hospitals as well. And Pickett says the city of Austin's also asking the state for help on behalf of the hospitals. Coastal distancing is in full effect along the coastal band as the Corona virus pandemic shows no sign of slowing new Oasis County Judge Barbara Canalis is urging residents of Harris County, San Antonio, Bear County and everyone in between that love to come to the coast to hold off on making the trip. Canalys says the survival of coastal residents and the health of their hospitals depends on coastal distancing, as in keep your distance from the coast. According to The New York Times As of July 11th New Aces County is number one in the country for covert 19 cases per capita charity McCurdy NewsRadio 1200 W. Away. AY Taxes based American Airlines is warning about 25,000 employees. They could be furloughed this fall. It comes as demand for air travel remains low because of the pandemic. And Paul Heart Shore Jr with the Association of Professional Flight Attendant says these are tough times for everyone. People are definitely on edge. They have been for a while. Now that there is there are staffing averages. But what we will do is continue to answer questions about the early out programs and the voluntary leave. The airline received billions of dollars in federal aid to keep employees on the payroll. But that aid runs out at the end of September. The list of companies now requiring customers to wear a mask is getting long target and CVS Health joined others this morning and saying customers who don't cover their faces won't be served. Yesterday, WalMart and Kroger announced their policies. The same group of Russian hackers that stole Democratic emails in 2000 sixteen's now trying to steal information on the Koven 19. Vaccine. US UK in Canada, officials say it's unclear if they've been successful. Some private companies event success in early trials for a Koven 19 vaccine, but none have advanced a large scale testing required for FDA approval, and hackers are the same group that still emails and Democrats in the 2016 election. Get the latest news any time anywhere..

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