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I'm now joined by Alliston Alliston head of education. The National Secular Society to discuss his response to. Points and the NSS position is a to what's the national secular societies position about these unregistered schools. And what work is it doing at the moment in this area or Franks? And find thanks for a full her insight on this issue, so the National Society main focus has always been on state funded faith schools initiative, the state funded sector 'cause it's just biggest area from a secular perspective it's. The most egregious because it's state funded, though over the last of all ten years we've been doing increasing walk looking at the independent sector, both fee registered regulated independent sector and the unregistered, potentially unlawful independent sector. Opposition as that. When a school this independent, it's not funded by the state. Then it's pretty closely and fed I has a lot more freedom, and to operate an to promote relate to promote a religious. All of the reformist bought that even with an independent system. They're all still children's independent rights that have to be protected separate too often, the the family and the independent schools. What's itself so? We've always supported that being at a regulation which is over the law she has begun begun to command to ensure is just at least a minimum basic standard within the independent actor. And with the issue of unregistered, often illegal five skulls, we because that's just completely sa- escaping any regulation any oversight weaving one of the leading organizations calling for this issue to be taken seriously for these schools to be identified and to be brought into line with law. One of the difficulties with with these unregistered schools is that an offset doesn't seem to be able to catch them because of this, this strange provisions about homeschooling. Think is the onto that. Yes, so often when a child is attending unregistered skull, parents will say the child is being home schooled Parents. Often supplement legitimate homeschooling. They actually are educated in high, but they then supplement that with a potentially part time attendance acid on budgeted SCO. It's difficult to tackle this issue because of the lack of definition of what absolutely. Now I think we can all look a dictionary definition, and we all sort of know what is meant by a skull, but there are settings which provides some foam education, which on schools, so that can sometimes be a legitimate lack of clarity over not an institution should be registered, not every issues. But is operating as a school then it should be registered. The government has thankfully moving towards a position which we've endorsed in our response. The latest consultation on this show of defining school is and what a full-time scholars and that's GonNa be based on an idea, and we might quibble the exact definition, but based on the idea of if as an institution which is basically walks like a school..

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