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But just before the bottom of the hour. We were talking with John Douglas about serial killer police officers in that motif gets used all the time doesn't it about, you know, mostly in works of fiction about you. And I were not so different. You know, the killer tells the cop and the cop feels wonder one way or another about it. And but that that duality I think the idea of the, you know, cops and robbers that they're much more connected than they have more in common than they don't where are you with that? You were just talking about a case of a police officer who had committed serious crimes using the the cover of the badge. Yeah. We we we didn't have a whole lot of those cases. I had a case out of San Diego where a a police officer who would teach rape prevention ended up being a rapist, and we're able to Lincoln forensically through a badge the fibers from the basil badge where on the victims that we got into the interrogation and were able to get a confession out of him. A big one that we did part of our thirty six serial killers. In the initial study got him, Gerald Shafer in Florida bows from department to department small departments, and and would get rid of him. But they give him a good recommendation. Just so they can get get rid of him. He ended up getting caught. He he picked up two girls that were hitchhiking in his police vehicle took him to a motel and later on it came back the next day to pick them up his personal car on his personal car. He had a trailer hitch and his thing would be sex. Jewel hanging. So he took these girls out into no, no. Hi them up to the one of the girls got away got away. And then the rest was made. But then the search search was done of residents. We had diaries or where he wrote about some freebies crimes at the police never really tied anything to him. They found some Keith belonging to victims has well in the search warrant, so he was good. He was convicted them onto they Lincoln like about thirty thirty homicides, and he was killed in nineteen ninety five. Another inmate stabbed them to death in prison down in Florida. So when you hear that would you hear something like that does that bring you some sense of relief for Justice, or how do you how do you process that? Yeah. I I've I have when it comes to death penalty. I've changed a little bit a little bit. Here. I was on a panel two weeks ago, New York with Amanda Knox. I helped them in the next get out of prison in an Italy. And also heard of the case the west Memphis three. Oh, yeah. Totally. Yeah..

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