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Network. Anfernee Simon's took 10 threes. May nine of them scored 27 in the Blazers and a five game losing streak. They beat the Pacers 1 33 to 1 12. The Bucks turn aside, the Hornets won 14 to 104 the Nets when their third narrow, they officially clinch a playoff berth. They defeat the Raptors 1 16. One Oh, three at the half the badge Lee the Warriors. The scores correct 62 to 29. In the third quarter. The Rockets lead the tea will 72 to 71. Why tonight for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The Blue Jay slugger hit three home runs, including a grand slam off max surgery. He drove in seven and Toronto beat the Nationals. 9 to 5. The Pirates cool off the Royals to toe one ending. Kansas City's five game winning streak frame will raise hit a couple of homers for the Indians. They won their 3rd 0724 over the Twins. Garrett Richards struck out 10 in the Red Sox to one win over the Mets. And Anderson seven shutout innings for the Braves. They shut down the come five. Nothing. Corey Clue Burns. His first one is a Yankee. The Yankees beat the Orioles 5 to 1. Brett Phillips had a two run homer is part of the race. 43 win over the A's Not bait. The Brewers lead the Marlins 5 to 4 top nine the Cardinals with a five to lead on the Phillies. Bottom seven. The Rangers trying to stop a Four game losing streak. They lead the Angels 6 to 1 Essential quality to 2 to 1 Morning Line favorite for Saturday's Kentucky Derby on Bobby Slur. Hey, it's Amy Lawrence. Be sure to listen to CBS Sports radio and Home. Ask Alexa to play CBS Sports Radio. Fundraiser..

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