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We still have three more weeks in the season and we still have a lot of things that we have to sift through people are going to sit there and say well you got the steelers game coming up next week that's a big game and all by the way if the patriots lose that one because it's on the road it's at gillette stadium excuse me it's out hindes failed in pittsburgh that if the pats lose that one they all of a sudden now have the prospects of not even getting a first round by how about that that they're going to have to play that opening weekend of the nfl playoffs and at the jacksonville jaguars if they then went out and win their next three they at twelve in four would actually win the tiebreaker over the patriots and get a to seed and a first round by people relax i mean really let's relax for a second first of all day number one before we even get into the patriot situation what have the jacksonville jaguars worn in the last i don't know how many years like seriously can you really expect this football team out there who they're playing right i know they got the texans coming into their building and tj yates is going to be the quarterback this weekend houston is all banged up from top to bottom i get that all right and then they're going to san francisco to take on the forty nine there's no by the way jimmy garoppolo still has not lost the game that he is started in his nfl career this is the jacksonville jaguars right the jaguars the team that just a couple of weeks ago lost to the cardinals horror walking mess this year they lost to the jets earlier in the season do you really have faith that the jacksonville jaguars are gonna win the next three games and went out like we should just chock.

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