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And it's honestly not all that bad news because the market in general is declining and apple isn't declining as fast as Yami. So you know, there's there's a tiny bit of good news in there for apple. I guess, and you know, like, we said last this just this is just a broader trend of a market, that's matured, and and you know, consumers don't feel that don't feel compelled to upgrade as often as they have maybe in a year. Space. So it's it's, you know, it's it's it's gonna take a shift on on the business side of, you know, how do you develop these processes you just wanted to have a new shiny, bright hardware, or do you want to move slowly into services where you can continually sell into it overtime. So people just kind of sitting on what they have. Yeah. And I know it's tempting and it's not wholly unjustified to look at. Whether China's economy is a whole slowing down as the cause or or maybe the trade conflict with the United States is the causing those do contribute to this. I personally think that the more important thing here is that even without a slowing economy and trade conflicts, China would be saturated the smartphone markets in Europe and the United States have slowed down to so really if you're a smartphone maker, you've got to be looking at India sub Saharan Africa, and and maybe a few other places to figure out where you want to grow. If you want to continue to grow. Apple announced that health records on iphone will soon allow I'm sorry. I got ahead of myself. Let's talk Microsoft first, Microsoft police day, forty two second video teaser for its precedent mobile world, congress February twenty fourth it shows a lot of morpheus blobs and fibers some of which could be wires or processors. But who knows what it really does is look like something you might see in VR or maybe a are. And it has everyone assuming it'll have to do with hololens too. But you can't tell anything from this video more indicative is the previously known fact that we've mentioned this on the show before that among the speakers at the event is Microsoft technical fellow Alex kitman who is involved in hollow lens. So this video doesn't make me think that that won't happen. But I don't know Roger. Could you tell anything from this, you know, growing cords and ice cubes the turn into things that might look like processors, it could pave the way for some sort of part of it is I'm looking at where they're going to introduce it, which is mobile world congress. So there has to be some mobile smartphone. One would think I mean, I Guess guess it it doesn't doesn't have. have more sense. If it was. But it makes sense that if it was some sort of, you know, it could be it could be a hollow lens that you know, that you slap. You know that connects your smartphone or Ireland hollow land or a hollow leads that is a smartphone. An awesome would that be or like the activists go, right? It's just a self contained unit. And the melting could be like, hey, we're melting away your your previous inhibitions or connections wires in this thing for like for something that should be mobile. They're showing a lot of wires in this video. I know that's partially get way too close. But. I think the upshot is this video doesn't tell you know. It's it's basically telling you that Microsoft has a press announcement they're going to do but will congress probably tune in. We ought know that so really doesn't add anything the governor sation, but I would be I would be very excited to see hollow lens to become something different than hollow lens and become not just a developer kit. But something that everybody could get their hands on. So very curious to see apple announced. Here we go that health records on iphone will soon. Let veterans receive care through the US veterans health administration to view medical records in the app. So if you're a veteran, and you're getting your care through the VHA, you'll be able to use an apple app to seal your medical records,.

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