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The initial problem I had was trying to find linke toll. That didn't that was an like. Sex Match nor And that's why. I encountered the man from. ooh, which one was hey I'd have to go back and look one of the linke toll ones that stood up i. think sitting around now. Who banned me from his linke toe and write me a big long email about how he was going to pray for me and the I seemed like a nice girl, and if he prayed for me, maybe I rarely get my clothes on, and well. We're better place I told him to not bother. Really condescending email, he sent me about how seemed like such because we exchanged because I wasn't angry, I was just like okay. You know you're gonNA give me my money back. Whatever and he was like Oh. You seem so nice and polite seems such a shame such a waste of you as a person. I'm going to pray for you. I'm like fuck off. So, yeah, those are! Idea came from. I think that's the thing. Where do ideas come from? I think they come from the experiences. We have in the world around us like any of the things it's like Ooh, that's an interesting idea. Often seeing ideas from other genres. Can we call them? You Know Not not sex picking up vanilla, blocking whatever that might be so from other genres, and then going on how we can make that work. Is that something we could do here kind of saying, and and sometimes they're just things that like spring into your head, and you're like. Let's just give it a guy and I think that giving guy thing is really important and I think over time I've stifled. Mazda said stifles myself more I. Wish I was more hours in two thousand ten Roger Smith. This is do this thing. Didn't overthink it so much and I've rambled on anyway. I'm going to do what I do. In nearly every episode and go same. There are some key differences first of all. I was Mesh Rishon Monday was inspired by central Sunday..

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