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Welcome to influence and thirty seconds. Perfect that in trump'll yeah. Are you ready zach. I the most rain absolutely are you. Are you ready for at zach sister in the chat room. Who was that. Did we figure out who. I want to know my hero. And data created fucking. You wish you never would've brought her out. So what's what's my move mike. How do i get out of this. You don't you don't you. Don't by trying to get out of it. Yeah you know it's like when somebody Foxworthy you like if you make it not fun. Then people will stop doing it. You know the the more like you try to fight it. The more people that bothers you. Just keep fucking pocono now that you brought it up on the show. People are going to know what you're trying to make it but he's also the editor. Yeah people people people now man like they can they can get at me and i'm almost embarrassed to say it's like half the show now. Yeah she's gonna find out at some point and let her know. You should add fuel of this fire. You should bring her on the show to put her in hotseat. She'll be in town probably. We'll we'll pull the bike. In between us wishes something to straddle during the entire. I mean at this point like it feels inevitable. We got we got we can put on purple saddle horn on it. Yeah okay barbara three-foot intimidator strap on or givers you are. It's true like the guy comment and kills new mike. She'll look like you're doing infomercials and a couple of minutes later. You actually show why we went this way so you can move your hands and show she you manage trying to do that with the sure mike. Okay guys so this is what you're gonna do look like i'm speed bag. The dildo mike. Now i'll have it back for the for the mic drop russia's. Yeah which we're doing on tomorrow so for those of you. All that don't know the mic drop actually is right behind mike. It's right there and Some news happening right so the people that don't know you start at something for mic drop. Yeah well so it's kind. It's kinda for everything i mean. It's it's it'll be a lot of my content but there'll be some dog stuff it's really. It's a patriotic page for kind of everything that have gone on. So we'll do like. I said a lot of behind the scenes mic. Drop stuff Interaction with the guest stuff that we do before and after the show You know may throw some car bike stuff in. There is some kind of day in the life type shit of some of the things that i do Maybe some stuff out with all the dogs. The word dog foundation know just really trying to Have kind of a one stop shop for everybody that's asking about all the different components of Of all the ridiculous shit that i have going on. So that launches today as we record so when you see this little been out for a few days but yeah we're excited to To bring a lot of people have been asking for all that that stuff so I guess we just wanna have one one spot that we can do that. So yeah a lot of good Good benefits in there. Got some got some good stuff. You can get behind the scenes videos We were talking about a one hour. We work out the back end up. But i think we can do it with what we've got here. This all seems capable My birch coupon codes. It's gonna be cool man. I'm excited to dig in and kind of talked to the people around in here Yes i'll point. Yeah right up here. We got to get better job really hard right now. All right click. Click right here to get to the rank. Yeah there will be a link right here. Yeah perfect people are gonna love that in the description. Though we will put a lincoln from now on our patron and max patron will be all in the link of the videos and all that good shit. Also shut up to that shirtless shirts right shirts now. Yeah you can get shirts. It's also description below right down here so if you wanna go down here it is right there. Yellow too much yeah. The logo is rat in this another region. Yeah so a lot of good stuff going on. And we're wanting to bring you guys more and more content the beauty of the patriot and stuff. And that's why the uninfluenced has been a little lacking we've been focusing mainly on when mic drop records. Tomorrow this place is top. Topnotch ready to go. That's why it's been lacking but we want to bring you guys content that you can't get on youtube you know it's if we want to go out shoot guns do stupid shit. We can go do stupid shit and not be like. Oh this is gonna take away from monetization or band or kick us off the internet. Belief the whole channel. We don't want that. We want to give you guys benefits and then on macs. They'll have bible study. Those are on wednesday thursday. That way we get both sides of the spectrum. Yeah we should do tuesday satanic wednesday for forgiveness blunt as. I took someone to church yesterday. I noticed trailers. All in the parking lot. And i'll turn around and i was backing up. I was like we could still this. Just tell them what. We're gonna hope for forgiveness. Three guys. don't mind right yeah. Jesus said i could have it. They probably wouldn't even ask was moma lawn trailer over here. Yeah so anyway. Thanks for the support. Check it out. Click the link. Go fuck yourself. Yeah anzac sister. America's come on come on christmas. Bill cosby bill cosby. Got left the fuck. Oh what's up with that only. I don't know what's up with it to me. it's weird. i have mixed feelings on it on the one hand like if somebody didn't do some shit and they shouldn't go to prison on the same token wasn't he convicted by jury so he was convicted by jury. He got out on a loophole. So i went. And i was like it had to be something. Just got fucked up. You know because it went through. All the appeals process. Come to find out in the state where he was trav- which out forget. Where was it new york. So there was a civil case which went first then the criminal case the civil lawyer in which was also the. Da district attorney. Yeah yep and the What's it called where you go in and you do all your testimony before during a judge. I can't think of it hearing now. It's.

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