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Hung out for. The last three hours and twenty minutes. What are you doing with your life? Thanks for hanging out at Martin. Going until six o'clock. I if you'd like this guess what we're doing it again. In less than twenty four hours. We start up again at two AM another Marta Chee Kelly extravaganza. Joe in merchantville ninety four WIP good morning. Good morning. Joe? How are you? Good. Good. I mentioned I wanted to talk about the eagles. But I just want to talk about the the the okay the play offs. So I'm like you. I'm gonna win the whole thing. I I think the saints are probably the best team west of four. Yeah. But what I'm rooting? I'm running for Freddie, and I can't for the life of me figure out why there are people who who are have such Benham against him. Make any sense. Why wouldn't you at this point because we got ours? I mean, we we got our one hopefully, we're going to get more. But the guy the guy who brought us are one Andy is Andy is basically directly responsible for because it started it started with MBA and his quarterback here and even before that in Green Bay, and he gave them gave them a shot at a starting job. And then later gave him a shot again is an assistant coach, right? And and and and it's a good football for. I mean, he's there for fourteen years yet. It was ten or twelve of those years were pretty darn. We're pretty darn good. We're pretty darned good where where you expected them, you know, at at worst to be a playoff to win the division and pretty much be a playoff team almost every year. Yes. That was pretty much the expectation around here. So you're right. You didn't win. He didn't win the big one that I guess people get all annoyed about that. But you know, I wonder if those same people. Hated dick Romeo. I doubt it. No, probably probably you wouldn't think. So. Yeah. I I remember being pretty I I mean, I was a lot younger, but I remember being being pretty happy for dick for meal when when when he ended up winning I mean. And then when you add the whole personal tragedy went through wouldn't you'll pull for the guy. That's I mean, that's and that's above everything. Joe? That's that's the thing. And I mentioned this before I don't know how long you been listening but me being a new dad in the last year. I think it's it's been in a just like like anybody who's who's become a first time parent. It's it's an eye opening experience. Yeah. Just just what it's like, you know, and the things you worry about like, I can I can remember my parents growing up being you know, what time you coming home. And you know, where are you going to be in? You're like, why are you like you're nuts? You're paranoid. What are you doing? And now like I find myself middle of the night walking into my daughter's room and like three o'clock in the morning to make sure she's breathing. Out of my mind. I've become my father. We have all I've got a twenty two year old that eighteen year old. But guess what? It it. Never it. Never changed. Yeah. Exactly. Right. My parents have told me that for years, you're gonna worry like we do when when even when you. Yeah. That's right. You want them to be happy? You wanna say, absolutely? What are you got in the Uber? I drive okay. On the weekends. And. Listening to the lady a little while ago about lift where she said Africa Heffer clients, just awful. And I I you know, I've done probably a thousand perhaps over over the time. But I I really haven't had bad, folks. Yeah. Go ahead. Y'all gone. I mean people I mean, maybe some thin-skinned. Yeah. If language upset you well, then maybe. Generally, speaking still see late at night, you're getting people, and yeah, he drank too much. But that's why you're out there doing it. Yeah. It's part of the comedy. Yeah. It is kinda funny. But here's here's a story that it didn't happen to me. But it was told to me by by a woman. She said tell me your tell me your best over story, right? Told her story, and she came back to me and said, all right? Well, I got a buddy of mine, he drives drives over and he goes one day to fix up pretty drunk, and he goes, you know, she they're quiet. They're not talking to each other. He's just driving all of a sudden he feels something right back up again. Side of his head looks down. It was her underwear. He looked back. She's completely naked. Oh my goodness. And he's he's like, oh my gosh. He's like, I'm married. I have kids. What did I what did I get myself into? Did I? Plan on get myself into it. Right. Exactly. Like what what are you doing your? Why are you doing this? I guess they argue back and forth. And he said, listen, I can't throw you off. You have to put your clothes on this at the at the least this is going to hurt my rating. Joe enjoy the games mad. Appreciate the call. Legit. Yeah. Go ahead of it. Okay. Two days later. He gets a notice for movers saying he's he is suspended because she filed a harassment said, oh my. Oh my goodness. He had a dash Cam. Here's what really happened. Yeah. Oh, oh. By the way. This is what I was dealing with. Thanks, john. Take care. All right. Dash saves. It ends up saving the day. Man. See I knew there would be some good stories especially late at night. Yeah. I drove I drove for the better part of two weeks. And it was cool. Like, i'm. Generally. I'm the youngest on the youngest of three boys all of us are a little bit different. My oldest brother rather than for the most part interact with new people. I would just assume, you know, sit home in the comfort of his basement never never have to meet anybody new like ever again. My middle brother is in sales in same deal. Like just doesn't love people. I like generally like people, and I found that I did in two weeks. Like, I don't know. I probably had in the two weeks maybe like thirty thirty or so rides because I didn't really do it that much. But the only one where I was ever like, oh, this this is kind of creepy. I live in south jersey in Gloucester county and in my hometown. There's there's like a there's a building down the road where people essentially go to to get things straightened out like with court. Actually, I think it's where they go a lot of the time to post to post bond post bail. I think if they end up by in the in trouble or arrested in town where my wife, and I live. So I ended up picking up some guy who was like. Yeah. Like it. You know? Don't worry about it. But I just I just got out of jail. Oh, okay. But man, no now, it's cool. It's cool. Man. I was just like I hadn't paid my child support. My my accent up calling me out on. Okay. But like the whole time like then like, I honestly, I think if I had like a record or via done something, and I was about to get into a into a car driven by a complete stranger in order to you know. Kind of lighten the mood and make things comfortable that wouldn't have been the first thing that I was did you realize you were picking them up straight out of jail. No, I know it. Well, that's that's the problem. Not me too. Because like what you do Dr. You know, once you could you you don't really see where you're picking up the person until you hit accept, and that's what's scary about it. Because there there was like there was one instance. Where I ended up picking somebody up in the middle of Camden. And you know, not for anything. It wasn't the easiest part of town that I was necessarily driving through at the moment. Where you're looking over your shoulder a little bit. And you know, that that was like the the one instance where I was ever like really scared where I didn't know where I was picking somebody up and where I was taking them. And then like after that after that happened like the first time like I became a kind of like a try to be a little more cautious. And like there's really no way to tell though. So there's really no way to screen like what you were picking opera where you are picking people up. But that was like the only time that that. And then the guy who told me like, yeah. Just just got out of jail. But no, no, no, it's cool. It's just Chelsea support, man. Okay. All right, good. We're we're good now. And it ended up being fine. We're fine. We have a nice conversation. Actually, I think we talked about talked about marriage. Who better to give advice? Exactly, I didn't pay my ex child support by the way, don't get married. I was like married two years. I I like my wife. Marriage for four and a little girl and still like my wife. I love my wife. One little girl. Probably probably honestly, eventually they'll be they'll be talk of number two. But for now once good. I'm lucky though, like we're really really blessed in that my daughter because like clockwork like put her down at like seven thirty up at like six thirty the next morning. It's really really really easy. It only took about about a month.

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