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Happy Wednesday. Welcome to daily pop today on the show. Kim Kardashian takes over Paris and you gotta see what she's wearing now. Plus, Michael Strahan's got some bold, love advice, but are you listening? And Kelly ripa is joining us live with some big news. Justin bobblehead is off today. So joining me are pretty in pink Jodie, sweetie. And my man, Jay Rodriguez. Hello. Oh my goodness. We all kinda like we're giving you summer. Get very summer pinkies. Like sunset vibes. I don't like it. Especially with everything that's happening in Paris because Hollywood is ruling the runway in Paris, a short time ago, the stars hit the runway to show off. Couture collection. Kim Kardashian looked bold in black wearing a full length gown in Bella Hadid wore green satin complete with a huge bowl across her chest and Naomi camel brought the drama wearing an all black gown with the 360 degree neckline. She is the reigning queen. What did we think of these looks? Let's talk about it. I enjoyed the idea of this because it kind of gave me a nod to like the 1930s runways where people were in the salon. This is couture, you're not gonna be pumping down a runway that's elevated, right? And what was interesting was, some of the gowns gorgeous, that doorway didn't necessarily look like they fit. But it was the only one that could actually walk with that ridiculously huge dress. Look at how she does not. She's like she's missing. Look at the other models. They were trying to like move sideways. They were trying to do everything. But let's get to Kim's wall. Okay. Can we get to miss Kardashian's wall? But I feel like the shoes were sort of maybe getting in the way, but she looks like she's looking for avocados at wand. But she probably was nervous. This was her first runway walk. I wish she would have asked Kylie or, you know, for some scary because also the music was very classical, so you're trying to be demure. Nicole Kidman also, she was in this beautiful, I'm gonna call it baked potato, gown. I can't even. But it's just gorgeous. And when you have a movie star of that caliber, it just is kind of like, oh, I never would have thought of them doing a runway show, but this is all couture. So these are gowns that are custom made. Right. And these are the things that you'll see on the red carpet. So that type of yeah, we thought we were wearing this in the fall. We're gonna be wearing, you know, the aluminum foil sweaters. I wrapped myself in a roll of form, like this yesterday, actually and walked around my house. Having a moment and popular culture, I've never seen that brand out in more visible than I have in the past two years that might be due to celebrities and in some way, maybe this is the house thanking them for the visibility. That's true. Well, you know, the show actually started with models walking in head to toe leather wearing futuristic face masks. Let's look at that because that was very interesting. Do you think you could pull this look off? I mean, this is what this is how they started off. Uh huh. You know? And I guess maybe it's like, I think this comes from, you know, the COVID shields because they were total shields. But I guess you could, of course, you can see through it. Would you be up to

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