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Good Wednesday morning to you live inside the beltway. Yesterday was one of those great cross country days. And I mean great cross country days. How is that possible? Well, I got the airport early. Fetching misses Shu had since she had come out at a different time with on a different flight back. And so we were in separate airports using separate airplanes to get to the same place at the same time. So that meant one major change in my travel is that I was alone in the airport for two hours before the flight because I met to our guy, and I'm alone on the airplane and I have basically a stretch of 8 hours to just read, absorb and thank, talk to no one. That's a great advantage of mass on planet everyone sort of shut up. And nobody, no, your neighbors talk to you right in age of virus. One of the very few of our linings in this nightmare is that nobody tries to talk to you on airplane anymore. And I got I finished David drucker in Trump's shadow. I listened to nearly the complete end of the fugitivity by Jesse McCarthy. Listen to an hour of Buckeye talk and Buckeye talk is hosted by Douglas Marie, Les married, who you hear on this show on Friday in the college football playoff show segment. And Nathan Baird and Stephen means, and then you mix all that up. John blood all up with today's rundown and you realize, nobody knows much at all, but you eventually have to get a lesson first. A lesson first. What is a lesson first? That's the first thing you learn when you're a Catholic kid and the first day of first grade in 19 65, whatever your I guess it would be 62. Did I go to first grade? That's the Baltimore catechism lesson one. There are 9 ten. I can't remember how many different things are in the lesson one, but that's things like why are we on earth? Ten 11 serve got. So everybody ends up with a few lesson ones and a few areas of expertise. And if they start talking shop outside of it, drucker's book is so deeply magnificently detailed. About the Republican field for president, I know a lot of these people pretty well. I mean, senator cotton, secretary Pompeo, I've known these guys for more than a decade. And have talked with them for a long time. I learned a great deal about both men. I've known vice president Pence for I would guess 25 years. I learned a great deal about vice president Pence. I report politics for a living. I do. Politics and government. You know, the show with 90% current events, breaking news, politics, politics, and 10% sports. Cultured in the politics, of course, culture is upstream from politics. And then 10%, maybe 5%. Cleveland Browns Indians and Cavaliers. Ben had a good fantasy drive last night because he got Colin section, but I'll come back to that in a bit. And outside of your areas of expertise, you really need to study more and listen more not talk more or similar, but that is actually the opposite direction we are heading in as we become more siloed with tunnels and freeways between us. All right, there's some tunnel you don't know about people are talking to each other. My democratic tunnel. And there are some freeways where you move from Ohio State land to GLP land to China hot land. Here's lesson one, lesson first. We are in a Cold War with China, and it is deadly serious, and we're not treating it that way. It's as though we did not engage in the Cold War with the Soviet Union from the very beginning. And in that Cold War we're in a position of strength. So I'm going to replay in segment three today. My interview in the first I'm going to reply in the first hour of today, the interview I did in the last hour yesterday was senator Tom cotton, because of the lead story in The Washington Post in my view. It should be the lead story in The Washington Post. It is the lead story in the world, and it is the lead story every day in the world. China's test of hypersonic vehicle is part of a program to rapidly expand strategic and nuclear system. And this made the front page of the post at 5 45 p.m., Ellen, nakashima. And everything, Allen tells you is correct, but she's just slow, but I'm glad that the media is waking me up to what in the last year of the Trump administration, a series of 5 speeches that began with vice president Pence and included FBI director ray and then attorney general Barr, and then national security adviser Robert C O'Brien then finally my pectoral state Mike Pompeo, when he was still Secretary of State, the Nixon library. They laid it all out. So the smart people have known for a while, this is a deadly serious competition between civilization and during going to be two winners. China seeks the finlandization of the world. Russians existed on the finlandization of Finland when the Soviet Union and Finland was fennel. They had to be basically at the back and call of Russia. Free, sort of. My name. And that's what the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party wants for the world. And the world is waking up to that. So the rundown today, I'm going to do right now. But I understand that lesson one is that we are in a new Cold War with China. And we have to begin to teach people that and emphasize this and talk about the specifics. Because the only way we won the last Cold War, the first Cold War. Remember there was a First World War I then a Second World War. Now we had a first cohort in our in the second Cold War. And I think historians will note this, probably when general secretary ascended to his permanent general secretaryship of the Chinese Communist Party, I think that's what it will date too. Because he had a plan. That guy had a plan. That guy is brilliant, by the way. He is really smart. That makes him very dangerous. And we have to start acting like that. And broadcasts have to be informed by that. And the news really should pivot off of that. And what David drucker discovered.

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