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And I mixed it with like Olivera and I made my own peril and I carried around and I watched my hands 10 or 20 times a day. So we're math number to wash your hands number three socially distance and the amount of social distancing you do, depending on what brew beer and so you're 65 older. Like my mom and dad. They haven't left their health in two months. I yell Adam, if I hear that they go out because I don't want my mom and dad to die so social distance based on what group? You're in Number four. We should all be testing, screening and tracking and I put those together being if someone comes into your business might take their temperature of the front door. That's kind of screaming. If they have a temperature, follow up with a test, and if they have it of these in track for those three, I put together screening dusting. And shocking and the one we should be praying. I really think that we need God to intervene and protect us and save us and I do believe in God, and I think that you know God is watching down over us, and I'm creating for my own parents every day in my own family, So that's my top five. I won't give you my three groups. Real quick is I think they're important too. Group 1 65 and older and health conditions, Co morbidity, heart disease, diabetes and lung disease for the big one. My mom and dad are in this group. If you're in group one today, I don't think you should leave your house. I mean, you should stay at home. I think you should order on the Amazon and I think you should do that for the next month. It's gonna probably take us a month to get through the worst of it. Group three. It's 45 under your healthy you don't have any other diseases. If you're in group three, you can probably continue to live your life a little bit. But make absolutely sure you don't go back and mixed with Group One, right? I goto work and treat my patient and then I go over and see my mom. I'm totally putting her at risk. And so group one should totally separate from Group tree. Now let's repeat again reported 45 under with no healthcare concerns your death rates super low. And if you feel like you're not going to be hurt by this, you might be right. But don't hurt others. And where your math group two in the middle, and I'm not going to get into all the details, But Bluetooth kind of in between the chip. You should certainly be say you have some rift, but not as bad as group one and not and not good retreat. Well, Dr Lynch. It's always good to talk with you. And I'd love to catch up with you some time off here again, and I appreciate the advice and the volunteering and going to York is I knew you would do that. That's just the kind of man you are, and I appreciate the advice to the listeners this morning. My thanks for having me. God bless you The best of the mic broom and show our news 92 3 FM. You know what I did Write a motorcycle for 52 years I started having back pain turned into the knee pain. I couldn't even sit on a motorcycle is like you don't have to give up riding bikes, kinds of permanent A laid.

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