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Holly. Let's get to it, shall we? Yes. Let's start with a dirty lawsuit. That's happening in Hollywood. The Fiji water girl is suing Fiji water. Why? Yes. No, well, keleaf Cuthbert that surname, otherwise known as the Fiji water girl. She was the woman who went viral as a Fiji water promotional model on the carpet of the Golden Globes. Amazing photo bombs amazing photo bombs allegedly. She got cast in a Sopra opera as a result of going beautiful the bold and the beautiful well now she's going after Fiji water brands for using her newfound fame as a marketing tool without her permission. Oh, what are they doing? Well, she's claiming that they intentionally created cardboard cutouts of her likeness for us in a marketing campaign without her permission. We can't do that. Yes. In the lawsuit also argues that Fiji water attempted to offer gifts to entice entice Cuthbert to sign her rights away and even pressured her into video recording a fake signing of a fake document to simulate her signing on as a Fiji water embassador. Now her legal team claims that the paper she signed. We're not an agreement and were later destroyed by Cuthbert. So I guess I'm on Fiji Fuji water girl side on this. And it sounds like big company trying to take advantage. How yes. And then they'll just replace her with a never evolving face of. Of course, I totally understand why she would be suing feed you. She also claims that they are aware that they never reached a deal before using her image for profit wants the company to discontinue its use of the cardboard cutouts and cough up cash for monetary damages. I think that's within her right, by the way, her real name is Kelly Steinbach. Okay. It's not cut birth. Funny. Kelly Steinbach is easy and memorable. Yeah. You totally. That's a great name. That is a great name Kelly. That's. Think oh my gosh. That say that five times twice. Whatever smelly Mon is saying that she was completely in the dark about what was going on when she was filming that promotional video for the fire festival in two thousand seventeen she said that she was they're doing a job, and she was not aware of all the shenanigans going on behind the scene though. She says this as a result of news leaking earlier this week that some of the models involved in the promotional video for the fire festival may have to testify in court. This is all in an ongoing lawsuit against the fire festival there being sued. I think for at least one hundred million dollars in damages. Some of those people spent a hundred grand for the VIP package. Can you even imagine? Was the private villas? Exactly. So not surprising that some of the models are starting to make statements about this. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys have the sun, the Laurie and Julia show page mytalk one zero seven one dot com. Megan Markle has officially completed her tour of all four for new causes he stopped by the association of Commonwealth universities on Thursday, wearing custom Jeevan. She was she did do all of those this week. That's where she's been making an appearance. Yes. Said she's six months pregnant. I think that I think she's seven I thought that she's doing April that within the math would mean that she's like six seven seven. Yeah. They're cutting off can have that baby in March. Do you think? So. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Now, she was wearing a top nut which was headline worthy. So you looked beautiful and fabulous as always hap-. Not that you're wearing discussing her air stockings because she doesn't like wearing nylons. Right. So they put that you know, like shiny moisturizer on her. And they're calling it air stock. Taking a foot was pantyhose. Oh my gosh. No, I don't blame her especially when you're. She's just wearing your shoes like a size too big. I saw that. Well, you'd have to. Oh my God. Well, she's wearing those delightful pumps. And how else are you going to be able to walk right doing the Royal duty wearing nightmare sackings? Okay. Sucking. This might be good news. I don't know whether or not you guys watched net. Flicks. Is you will regionally? Oh my gosh. Well, it's getting renewed for a second season. So what do you think about that? Does the show lend itself to a second the book ends, you know with? I mean, there isn't he does it move to LA. But the Caroline captain is the author is involved with the project season one. And she's the one just like with big little lies author. She said I can envision another story line for Jones. The newbath. Yeah. Yes. So they've cast actress Victoria, pet ready from hunting hill house, and she's going to be cast as a character called love Quinn. Green nave love Quinn's, the no word on when that's going to debut probably sometime next year misdiagnosed Ross sets perform at the two thousand nineteen Grammy's. It was announced today that she's going to have a very special performance. He is living her best life. She sure is now Ross is already received a lifetime achievement award from the academy that happened back in two thousand twelve so I think that they want older eyeballs to be on this show or people who are like, okay. I don't know who post Malone is. I don't really care who that is. Kim. Yes. Well, this makes. Yes. Absolutely. And the Grammies going to be happening one week from Sunday because as we know it is Super Bowl Sunday. Now, let me take the temperature in the room because I was talking to some of the guys over at scored north is the hype around the Super Bowl a little more subdued this year. Because it's not here. That's a good some subdued because a it's a lackluster halftime show. So there's nothing there. But also the fact that the LA no-one really I mean, yes, maybe ten percent of the population wants New England win. No. It's nothing new. But the LA Rams got in there. By a bad call and a lot of people are like, oh, gee, I mean, I don't know how you know. They still have chances the saints did after the bad Kaba the bad call. They think was. Well, that does change momentum. Yeah. And and just like with the antibodies excited about any of the. In the LA. They were ho-hum. Yeah. Oh, really? Raiders fans. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. I mean, they're like people are not bonded to the LA. Rams. If someone was excited about the LA Rams that we met we felt they worked for the team. Few people. They weren't be honest. Okay. Well, good. I wanted to take the temperature of the room because it definitely feels like the buds for the Super Bowl the notwithstanding because it was here last year. So of course, we were all very excited excited to teams. I don't care about the media buzz the commercial buzzers commercials that were excited about earlier this week. We got a tease for s j p being Carrie Bradshaw. And a Stella Artois, I guess I'm looking forward to gratis Nate seen the national anthem. Great. And that's really Serena has done an ad for bumble. Yes. That's that's real exciting. He's not even single that makes so much sense. Just ask ask I. Yes. Exactly. So well, then of course, Donnie pointed out the fact that SpongeBob squarepants is going to make an appearance during Super Bowl Sunday with the song sweet victory. He wanted to let us know that they actually have tease footage, but the look down with every. Show. He's going to be so terrible. A lot of fun to pick up there. Football game, though, it'll be fun. It till the end totally LA Rams there. Okay. I just want him to win at the end. All right. We'll figure. What's happening? We got theories when we come back. Okay. Fantastic. No nail biting traffic out there this afternoon. A couple of things to look out for the big crash northbound over in Saint Paul between Eaton street and Plato boulevard near the Lowry hill tunnel ninety four eastbound between Hennepin avenue and third avenue. Watch out for a crash there. You're five eyewitness news weather forecast. Negative six partly cloudy tonight, tomorrow, cloudy, twenty degrees, bust out the shorts and negative five. Mostly cloudy right now at the mytalk studios previously on Jason and Alexis I like to give people something to take home at the end of a party. Yes. And. Our you know, putting together with did anything. Go put to lollipops in one bag on accident or. Lollipop nineteen forty. Show. Long. Bringing you everything entertainment Jason and Alexis in the morning with producer dawn on mytalk one zero seven one. Hey, everybody. Yes. You, you know, blue Jay. All right. We absolutely love David Lazinski and first equity mortgage in you will to the team there is dynamite. Let's benefits. All right. I've got one get one handy right here. I did a testimonial. Experience. Was so great with Jeff I meant every word of it. He's the best. And I I quickly. I'm sure is so pleased to have him as part of a great team. Here's.

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