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Police are doing very well working closely with other protesters who have peace of mind the governor says using the national guard against protesters is the last thing he would want to do some disturbing video in Maryland at a police department has taken swift action did showing an officer with the prince George's county police department kicking a suspect has led to the suspension of three officers the cell phone video taken out illegally parked gets to shoot a Maryland begins as the officer tried to arrest a suspect involved in an alleged assault he throws the man to the ground before another officer arrives as they handcuff him the first officer can be seen kicking the suspect twice police chief Hank Stawinski with the department released a statement saying the two officers in the video in their supervisor have been suspended about US correspondent Melissa Howell half a dozen Atlanta police officers are facing excessive force charges stemming from their response to protest over the weekend arrest warrants have been issued for the officers and they have until Friday to turn themselves in video of the Saturday night incident appears to show officers chasing two college students without provocation as they were being pulled out of a vehicle it's still unclear what that vehicle was stopped or if the two were part of demonstrations earlier two of the six officers have been fired five of them are charged with aggravated assault among other charges a retired police chief and captain who died during protests near Saint Louis is being mourned and remembered his wife says retired St Louis area police captain David Dorn was fatally shot during a night of riots trying to protect their friends pawnshop Dorn was seventy seven his daughter in law Vanessa power the.

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