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As you go out about you can flip over the ninety nine point seven fm signal gets a little wonky on you and vice versa he ninety nine seven your head into the city flip over the am six thirty you made of getting a better signal here for all of us a wpro or is if it is your wont just have the app on your phone or device in your car and you're not have any of those issues but yes obviously switchover if it is uh is more advantageous for you and your and climb exactly and well you should be quite honestly i absolutely i have a bunch of people yesterday be like oh thanks for tell me about nine seven like come on now it's wide six 300 a ninety nine seven but that's alright that's good we're here to educate the masses and one of the things that we can educate people on as a story that came out today from boston sports journal's sean mcadam i still have not signed up but i i just keep forgetting i'll do it tonight or this weekend i am one hundred percent going to sign up i just keep forgetting into sign up okay that's good that's good to know yeah boston sports journal uh looking for of those you subscribe it's our buddy greg bernard and sean mccallum and uh they made their hockey announcement yet i think he might be delayed a little bit i didn't i have like i'm not subscribe to yet so i would know but yeah i mean i don't wanna mentioned who i think it it's going to be but right i'd have that would be a whole sionist tom four abnormally tomfoolery on tom brady's birthday young lives by yeah no i haven't seen that announcement and yet i got brian rob as well are we appear outbound to talks himself i would think so good kid really good kid very short very little but that's okay by me it was a small person sounding name it is a garage be surprised if she were like a huge huge humanoids yourself no no he's a he's a little dude what a good guy hi and has worked his way through the ranks that's what i respect about enough and.

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